Clint Thompson

Clint Thompson is an agriculture writer based in Tifton, Georgia.


05/18/22 - Animal and dairy science spans oceans through UGA-Sassari partnership 10/05/21 - UGA-Griffin student scores job testing turf at PGA Tour Championship 12/11/19 - UGA precision agriculture specialist advocates use of yield maps 12/04/19 - Georgia Ag Forecast set for five locations in 2020 11/26/19 - UGA Extension has active voice in starting conversation about rural stress 11/25/19 - Don't leave holiday leftovers sitting out 11/13/19 - UGA CAES scientists study alternative control methods for center rot disease in organic onion production 11/13/19 - UGA developing smart irrigation app for pecan farmers 11/05/19 - Integrated approach, new tools help protect pecans against fungicide-resistant scab 10/30/19 - UGA peach specialist Dario Chavez encourages farmers to water trees, especially during prolonged dry period 10/29/19 - Winners announced in Southeastern Hay Contest 10/18/19 - Tomato spotted wilt virus a significant problem for peanut producers in 2019 10/15/19 - Peanut harvest season is a time of celebration 10/15/19 - New UGA-Tifton specialist to study fruits, vegetables postharvest 10/09/19 - Financial literacy program helping 4-H'ers learn the value of a buck 10/04/19 - UGA, FSA to jointly hold producer meetings in October 10/02/19 - Farm tour highlights value of UGA to Georgia agriculture 09/25/19 - UGA Extension peanut agronomist advises dryland farmers to begin digging crops 09/19/19 - 'Lego Forage Specialist' helping spread forage news across Georgia 09/13/19 - UGA CAES part of extensive research study aimed at whitefly management 09/10/19 - Bill Brim, Foster Rhodes to be inducted into Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame 09/09/19 - New UGA scientist will study soil makeup on Tifton campus 09/03/19 - UGA Extension precision agriculture specialist advocates use of downforce at planting 08/29/19 - Sumter County 4-H project teaches agriculture to children with special needs 08/29/19 - UGA's Wayne Hanna honored with achievement award 08/29/19 - Proper timing of defoliation is important decision for cotton growers 08/22/19 - Georgia peanut farmers need to scout fields for explosive foliar disease 08/21/19 - UGA Extension to showcase cotton, peanut research during field day 08/19/19 - UGA Extension forage agronomist encourages producers to submit hay samples 08/15/19 - UGA Extension peanut agronomist cautions dryland producers about future of this year's crop 08/14/19 - UGA-Tifton conducts research to help dairy cattle deal with heat stress 08/13/19 - UGA honors producers at annual Georgia Peanut Achievement Club meeting 08/06/19 - Drought changes management strategy for Bermuda grass stem maggot 08/05/19 - Irrigation malfunctions a concern during hot, dry summer 08/01/19 - Georgia's peach crop in good shape after two down years 07/26/19 - After corn harvests, farmers should continue managing weeds 07/19/19 - Midville field day set for August 14 07/19/19 - UGA Extension pecan specialist cautions growers about dieback of pecan branches 07/15/19 - Annual field day to feature UGA research 07/11/19 - UGA-Tifton to host book signing for former dean 07/09/19 - UGA Stripling Irrigation Research Park set to host annual field day 07/05/19 - UGA specialist optimistic recent rains will help improve state's corn crop 07/05/19 - UGA Cotton Team studying potentially damaging disease 07/02/19 - Handwashing is a habit that can cut down on sick days this school year 06/27/19 - UGA Extension inspires kids and adults with STEAM programs 06/26/19 - UGA Extension precision agriculture expert Wes Porter honored 06/21/19 - UGA, Padova partnership leads to joint research 06/19/19 - Sha Tao’s research at UGA-Tifton helps dairy cattle better deal with effects of heat stress 06/18/19 - Annual 4-H camp attracts 240 participants 06/17/19 - UGA-Tifton publishes book reliving century of impact 06/14/19 - High temperatures, few clouds lead to sunscalding concerns for Georgia producers 06/04/19 - Dry weather helps Georgia tobacco producers fight black shank disease 06/04/19 - Georgia vegetable growers need to apply fungicides to stay ahead of downy mildew disease. 05/29/19 - Irrigation is integral to the development of this year's vegetable crop 05/27/19 - Students graduate with dual master's degrees in sustainable agriculture from UGA, Padova 05/23/19 - Spring season brings summer heat to Georgia 05/23/19 - UGA Extension to host scout schools 05/13/19 - UGA vegetable scientist recommends organic mulches for weed control 05/03/19 - Centennial celebration a time of reflection, looking forward for UGA-Tifton 05/02/19 - Frank McGill honored with Medallion of Honor from UGA College of Ag 05/01/19 - UGA Extension hosts annual Southern Women in Ag Workshop 04/26/19 - Andrew Sawyer named pecan agent for Southeast District 04/23/19 - Rural broadband access key to agriculture continuing to grow as Georgia's No. 1 industry 04/22/19 - Postharvest diseases a concern for onion producers 04/18/19 - UGA-Tifton honored with prestigious Georgia Trust award 04/08/19 - As yield grows, Georgia citrus producers need to be wary of potential diseases 04/01/19 - Georgia's pecan industry at crossroads 04/01/19 - UGA's Dutta, Brenneman honored with IPM awards 03/22/19 - Ambrosia beetles impacting Georgia's pecan trees 03/15/19 - Winter rains to impact forage management 03/15/19 - El Nino impacts Georgia agriculture 03/11/19 - Soil sensors can prevent homeowners from overwatering gardens 03/06/19 - Fungicide resistance spells trouble for Georgia, Virginia vegetable farmers 03/06/19 - UGA Extension, Georgia Department of Agriculture set produce training workshop 03/04/19 - UGA Extension irrigation workshops will cover new technology 02/28/19 - Georgia growers face season of uncertainty 02/26/19 - Two UGA CAES faculty receive National Science Foundation CAREER grants 02/22/19 - Georgia peach farmers hope to avoid March freeze 02/20/19 - CAES alumni recognized in Bulldog 100 02/13/19 - UGA Cotton Team honors top producers with annual awards 02/11/19 - SmartIrrigation app will help Georgia soybean and blueberry producers manage water use 02/07/19 - Cotton farmers should beware of increased herbicide resistance 02/07/19 - UGA CAES, Extension partner with SBDC to host Farm Business Education Conference 01/29/19 - UGA onion agent tells Georgia farmers to be proactive with fungicides 01/28/19 - UGA soil scientist Matt Levi uses technology to help farmers, fellow researchers 01/24/19 - Weather impacts Georgia cotton farmers during 2018 season 01/23/19 - Georgia's top soybean producers recognized in high yields contest 01/17/19 - UGA faculty, Extension agents honored for work in fruit and vegetable industry 01/14/19 - Georgia Ag Forecast and resource fair to offer assistance to hurricane-affected communities 01/09/19 - 'Avalon' a quality cultivar for Georgia pecan farmers 01/02/19 - UGA faculty, staff to present findings at Georgia Organics Conference 12/26/18 - Chris Tyson brings expertise to new role as area onion agent 12/21/18 - Stefano Gobbo is first University of Padova student to earn dual master's degree at UGA 12/18/18 - Multistate research projects vital to solving broad agricultural issues 12/07/18 - UGA CAES set to host annual Ag Forecast meetings 12/06/18 - Using Pesticides Wisely training program benefiting Georgia farmers 11/28/18 - Mother Nature impacting Georgia's peanut crop 11/22/18 - Georgia pecan growers enduring dreary harvest season 11/16/18 - Reduce your power bill this holiday season 11/14/18 - U.S. EPA extends registration of weed killer dicamba 11/08/18 - UGA economist believes Georgia farmers need financial relief immediately 11/08/18 - Georgia pecan farmers struggling with low market prices 10/31/18 - UGA economists estimate up to $600 million in cotton damage from Hurricane Michael 10/19/18 - Important agriculture disaster assistance meeting to be held at UGA-Tifton 10/19/18 - Georgia peanuts infrastructure significantly impacted by Hurricane Michael 10/18/18 - Hurricane Michael impacts 'promising' cotton crop 10/16/18 - Hurricane Michael leaves mark on Georgia's pecan industry 10/16/18 - Farmers, leaders, UGA president gather for Sunbelt Expo, discuss hurricane's impact 10/10/18 - UGA plant pathologist cautions Georgia grape growers against fungicide resistance to downy mildew 10/03/18 - UGA recommends row covers for organic farmers to protect squash from insect infestations 09/27/18 - UGA President Jere Morehead learns more about state's top industry during annual farm tour 09/27/18 - UGA lab provides quick diagnosis of plant pathogens 09/12/18 - Georgia farmers considering early harvest time for peanut crop 09/12/18 - Whitefly pressure a concern for cotton growers with late planted crop 09/05/18 - UGA C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park recognized for practicing water conservation 08/31/18 - UGA-Tifton set to host students during annual ShowCAES event 08/29/18 - UGA to host annual Cotton and Peanut Research Field Day 08/24/18 - Traps key component of UGA whitefly research 08/23/18 - Some Georgia farmers harvesting corn later this year 08/23/18 - Janine Sherrier is new UGA CAES Crop and Soil Sciences department head 08/21/18 - UGA-Tifton kicks off yearlong centennial celebration 08/14/18 - New faculty learn how UGA drives agricultural success in Georgia during annual tour of the state 08/14/18 - UGA salutes Georgia's highest-yielding peanut farmers 08/09/18 - UGA-Tifton hosts young Mandela Washington Fellow from Democratic Republic of Congo 07/31/18 - Row crop research to highlight annual Midville Field Day 07/31/18 - "Wild Spotter" will help citizen scientists and researchers track and stop spread of invasive species 07/27/18 - Extension gives rural residents access to life-saving health education 07/24/18 - Spring freeze dooms Georgia blueberries for second consecutive year 07/19/18 - Georgia 4-H'ers learn about cotton during workshop on UGA Tifton campus 07/17/18 - Scarrow to lead Extension Southwest District 07/13/18 - UGA Extension Agent Shane Curry recognized with 40 under 40 honor 07/10/18 - Cantaloupe project aimed at finding variety less susceptible to bacteria 07/10/18 - UGA's Bhabesh Dutta recognized with 40 under 40 honor 07/05/18 - The path to college begins in middle school 06/28/18 - Palmer amaranth management key for Georgia cotton farmers 06/20/18 - Georgia farmers enjoying improved peach crop 06/20/18 - Georgia's tobacco crop hurt by excessive rainfall in May 06/06/18 - UGA Extension, Fort Valley State University to host small business workshop 06/06/18 - UGA CAES team researching whiteflies statewide 05/31/18 - Rain stunts peanut crop, creates perfect conditions for vegetable diseases 05/23/18 - Georgia watermelon farmers mindful of potential disease pressure following rainfall 05/22/18 - UGA urges farmers, agricultural workers to combat pepper weevils 05/15/18 - UGA Extension to host insect scouting schools in June 05/10/18 - Double Dawgs program a recruiting tool for UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 05/03/18 - Pecan entomologist Angelita Acebes joins the UGA Tifton campus 05/02/18 - UGA research aimed at stopping gummy stem blight in the greenhouse 04/25/18 - Acclaimed pecan breeder Darrell Sparks named UGA Inventor of the Year 04/04/18 - UGA-Tifton hosts rededication ceremony for newly renovated Agricultural Research Building 03/29/18 - Watermelon growers work to produce a sweet crop with good texture 03/29/18 - Adjusting planter equipment can make a significant difference in your crop 03/21/18 - UGA Extension study shows impact of herbicides on pecan trees 03/20/18 - Georgia 4-H students visit UGA-Tifton lab to learn about veterinary medicine 03/13/18 - Spring's warm temperatures could spark nematode activity 03/05/18 - Bell peppers a popular choice for home gardeners 02/28/18 - Two-day water summits provide fruit and vegetable growers a chance to voice concerns over water regulations 02/28/18 - Fencing Field Day part of UGA's Better Grazing Project 02/22/18 - Georgia's pecan producers need to scout for pests like the Asian ambrosia beetle 02/20/18 - Time to inspect your irrigation systems 02/20/18 - Farm Again program to hold workshop for potential farmers 02/15/18 - $198,000 Conservation Innovation Grant to fund UGA cover crop research 02/07/18 - UGA Extension fruit pathologist says use lime sulfur on blueberries to manage Exobasidium disease 02/01/18 - Pecan farmers should prune now 02/01/18 - UGA Extension economists provide updates on commodities for upcoming year 01/22/18 - Whiteflies are a top priority being discussed at county production meetings 01/19/18 - UGA entomologist encourages the use of cultural practices in managing spotted wing drosophila (SWD) 01/16/18 - Georgia pecan yields estimated between 90 million and 100 million pounds 01/09/18 - UGA-Tifton to host annual peanut farm show 01/02/18 - UGA CAES economists stress to farmers the importance of knowing their production costs 12/25/17 - 'Very good crop' of Georgia peanuts expected 12/25/17 - UGA releases 'Paulk' muscadine variety 12/05/17 - UGA Extension studying effect of PlantTape technology on planting onions 11/27/17 - Georgia's peach farmers hoping for colder winter this year 11/15/17 - UGA Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells optimistic about crop yields 11/08/17 - UGA Extension pecan specialist believes cover crops are valuable additions to pecan orchards 10/26/17 - Zero official pesticide drift complaints reported to Georgia Department of Agriculture 10/18/17 - UGA President Morehead visits 40th annual Sunbelt Agricultural Expo 10/12/17 - Crown rot disease on the rise in Georgia's peanut crops 10/11/17 - Testing the water: UGA Extension team studying agricultural water use in Georgia 10/04/17 - UGA Master Gardener Extension Volunteers help restore butterfly garden for Rosalynn Carter 09/26/17 - Georgia's cotton crop sustained at least 10 percent loss across the state due to Irma 09/19/17 - UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center acted as headquarters for Georgia Power employees during Irma 09/15/17 - Irma destroys an estimated 30 percent of Georgia's pecan crop 09/14/17 - UGA scientists to educate Georgia Peanut Tour attendees about peanut production 09/08/17 - Hurricane Irma could have devastating impact on Georgia's pecan crop 08/29/17 - UGA-Tifton to host annual Georgia Pecan Growers Association Field Day Sept. 7 08/24/17 - Listening sessions highlight convergence of agriculture and engineering 08/23/17 - Georgia's top peanut producers honored at annual UGA event 08/17/17 - Georgia's peanut crop largest in more than 20 years 08/15/17 - Katie Murray embracing new job as student recruiter at UGA-Tifton 08/10/17 - New UGA faculty get hands-on lessons in agriculture on annual New Faculty Tour 08/08/17 - Georgia corn yields expected to be higher in dryland fields, lower in irrigated fields 08/08/17 - Reagan Noland is new UGA Extension corn, soybean and small grains agronomist 08/02/17 - Increased rainfall in June limits Georgia's watermelon crop 08/02/17 - UGA to host annual field day at the Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center 07/26/17 - Early detection of whiteflies key to successful control 07/25/17 - UGA Extension's newest plant pathologist to focus on management of plant-parasitic nematodes 07/20/17 - UGA Stripling Irrigation Research Park set to host field day 07/18/17 - USDA funding aids UGA research of burrower bug 07/11/17 - Northern Nut Growers Association's annual conference to be held at UGA-Tifton 07/11/17 - Building a culture of "upstanders" critical to combat bullying in schools and online 07/05/17 - UGA's new fruit pathologist to focus on disease management of perennial fruit crops 06/28/17 - Establishment of more invasive species a concern for UGA experts 06/22/17 - Rainy month increases likelihood for watermelon diseases 06/22/17 - Cotton farmers need to be wary of diseases like target spot and bacterial blight 06/15/17 - UGA workshop to focus on forest herbicide applications 06/06/17 - Fumigation a potential management tool for Georgia watermelon farmers fighting fusarium wilt disease 06/01/17 - UGA-bred 'Cowboy' perennial plant offers color, nitrogen to homeowner's lawn 05/31/17 - UGA Tifton campus set to host Corn Silage and Forage Field Day 05/24/17 - UGA Insect Scouting Schools to be held in Tifton and Midville, Georgia 05/11/17 - MitCo Grow program uses UGA cultivars in new Mitchell County citrus grove 05/10/17 - Kudzu bugs' decline is attributed to two factors 04/26/17 - High startup costs can be a barrier to pecan production 04/26/17 - UGA-Tifton set to host annual turf conference 04/20/17 - UGA peanut entomologist Mark Abney advises farmers to monitor thrips activity 04/19/17 - UGA's new row crop physiologist to focus on peanut research 04/13/17 - Georgia peanut farmers need to consider replanting options in timely manner 04/06/17 - Quantities of Avalon pecan variety likely to be low this spring 03/30/17 - Despite potential for disease, Georgia's grape industry is thriving 03/14/17 - UGA Extension stressing importance of keeping pesticides on target 03/10/17 - Weeklong tour teaches UGA CAES students about diversity of agriculture 03/09/17 - Choosing where to garden is essential to producing high-yielding crops 02/28/17 - UGA Extension economist implores farmers to know their costs of production 02/21/17 - Challenges await Georgia watermelon growers 02/14/17 - South Georgia cotton gin donates equipment to UGA's C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park 02/08/17 - Warm winter temperatures spark fears of potential plant diseases 02/02/17 - UGA cotton research yields root-knot-nematode-resistant varieties 02/02/17 - Damaged irrigation pivots leave farmers without key farming tools 01/25/17 - UGA Cooperative Extension helping in south Georgia storm relief efforts 01/20/17 - Brussels sprouts a risky crop option for Georgia farmers 01/18/17 - Protecting watermelon vines key to successful season 01/05/17 - Recent rainfall providing hope for Georgia farmers 12/15/16 - UGA's Culpepper to serve on EPA Science Advisory Board 12/14/16 - Lee County 4-H teaching responsibility through dog club 11/10/16 - Drought impacting Georgia farmers 11/03/16 - UGA's Culpepper to receive prestigious award 10/27/16 - Southeast Georgia farmers still assessing damage from Hurricane Matthew 10/18/16 - SE Hay Contest winners announced 10/18/16 - UGA's presence felt at Sunbelt this year 09/27/16 - UGA rededicates historic H.H. Tift Building 09/21/16 - Georgia corn production up this year 09/15/16 - Difficult decisions in store for Georgia dryland peanut producers 09/13/16 - Georgia farmer produces record soybean crop 09/08/16 - Annual Georgia Peanut Tour set for Sept. 13-15 09/07/16 - Georgia Ag Commissioner leads UGA President, Ag Dean on fourth annual ag tour 08/25/16 - Lightning poses dangerous threat to farmers 08/25/16 - Weather conditions favorable for white mold disease this year 08/17/16 - Georgia's top peanut farmers recognized at meeting 08/11/16 - Proper sensor placement helps farmers optimize water use 08/10/16 - Upcoming field day to feature UGA CAES research 08/05/16 - Annual UGA tour stops at UGA Tifton 08/02/16 - Calving simulator offers training opportunity for cattlemen 07/28/16 - Lesser cornstalk borers a problem for Georgia's peanut farmers 07/28/16 - Upcoming field day to showcase UGA research 07/21/16 - Georgia's dryland peanuts suffering from lack of rain 07/20/16 - Homeowners advised to monitor chinch bug damage 07/14/16 - Forage sorghum a viable option for Georgia cattlemen 07/14/16 - UGA forecasts 'pretty good' yields for Georgia watermelon growers 07/07/16 - Consistent schedule vital to children's health 07/07/16 - Cyber bullying on the rise 06/29/16 - UGA research highlights Sunbelt Field Day 06/21/16 - UGA plant pathologist warns farmers to spray now to prevent watermelon disease 06/16/16 - UGA studying effectiveness of chemigation system 05/26/16 - Palmer amaranth management cutting into Georgia cotton farmers' profits 05/26/16 - Appearance of flower blooms an encouraging sign for Georgia pecan growers 05/17/16 - UGA researching unique irrigation strategy to optimize water use on peanut farms 05/05/16 - UGA Extension prepares poultry producers for worst case scenario of avian influenza outbreak 04/26/16 - Winter's warmer temperatures a boost for some Georgia watermelon farmers 04/20/16 - UGA CAES Dean Sam Pardue visits with agriculture industry personnel during tour of south Georgia 04/19/16 - Pecan production becoming more popular in Georgia 04/07/16 - Commodity price trends mean tighter operating budgets for farmers 03/23/16 - Extension planning one-on-one trainings for Georgia farmers 03/17/16 - Provost's visit to Tifton highlights links between Cooperative Extension, teaching and research 03/17/16 - UGA graduate research on display at south Georgia event 03/11/16 - Agriculture in the spotlight on spring break tour for CAES students 03/09/16 - Possibility of herbicide-resistant sicklepod a potential concern for Georgia peanut farmers 03/02/16 - Time to get agricultural irrigation systems checked and fixed 03/02/16 - UGA research shows at-plant insecticide for thrips in cotton key to preventing yield loss 02/25/16 - El Nino could interrupt Georgia corn planting 02/25/16 - Workshop educates farmers about building and sustaining a lasting farm 02/17/16 - Georgia farmers advised to tend to maintenance issues now 02/16/16 - Complaints of off-target movement of chemical applications decrease in 2015 02/11/16 - Cool soils, not poor seed quality, likely the cause of poor peanut stands 02/11/16 - Misdiagnosis of phony peach disease could have costly impact for peach growers 02/05/16 - Super Bowl 50 to be played on UGA Tifton turfgrass 02/03/16 - UGA's David Riley earns Recognition Award in Entomology 02/03/16 - UGA expert advises farmers that it's not too late to soil sample their fields 01/28/16 - Tissue-cultured blackberry plants key in avoiding threat of viruses 01/26/16 - Encouraging beef, peanut prices expected in 2016 01/21/16 - UGA peanut agronomist fears Georgia's peanut crop could be vulnerable to increased disease pressure next year 01/20/16 - Precision agriculture techniques can help Georgia farmers do more with less water 01/13/16 - UGA horticulturist finds that Georgia eggplant producers can decrease irrigation usage 01/06/16 - UGA research trials show that added nitrogen is not required for first-year pecan trees 12/29/15 - Georgia cotton farmers encountering low prices, which are expected to continue in 2016 12/29/15 - Unmanned Systems in Precision Agriculture Conference to be held in Tifton 12/21/15 - Extension-made traps take the guess work out of pecan weevil control in Dougherty County 12/11/15 - Sunshine key to Georgia cotton producers harvesting their crop 12/10/15 - Agitation boats can be used to help Georgia dairymen recycle waste 12/02/15 - Ozias-Akins focused on learning from colleagues as part of UGA Women's Leadership Fellows Program 11/25/15 - Tift County 4-H Poultry Judging Team celebrates national championship 11/24/15 - UGA pecan specialist fears Georgia's pecan crop will not meet early projections 11/18/15 - UGA's Craig Kvien shares energy efficiency tips with Georgia homeowners 11/11/15 - Excessive irrigation can lead to diseases, reduced yields in peanuts 11/03/15 - Giant miscanthus grass an alternative for bedding in poultry houses 10/29/15 - Whitaker hired as UGA Cooperative Extension cotton agronomist 10/22/15 - UGA CAES highlights outreach, importance of Georgia agriculture at Sunbelt Ag Expo 10/21/15 - UGA President Morehead emphasizes importance of Georgia agriculture through Sunbelt Ag Expo visit 10/15/15 - UGA ag school cuts ribbon on net zero research home on campus in Tifton 10/07/15 - UGA Tifton precision agriculture class helps design unique corn maze 10/01/15 - UGA climatologist cautions Georgia farmers about impending El Niño weather pattern 10/01/15 - Female farmers flock to UGA Extension workshops this fall 09/24/15 - Kale a viable option for Georgia's fall gardeners 09/18/15 - Free Southeast Georgia Forestry Field Day and Workshop 09/17/15 - Peanut tour showcases Georgia's 2015 crop 09/10/15 - UGA Extension peanut agronomist Scott Monfort optimistic about Georgia's crop 09/08/15 - Deadline to preregister for UGA Southwest showCAES recruiting event is Sept. 11 08/27/15 - Amber Rice training Georgia's future agriculture teachers at UGA Tifton 08/26/15 - Sub-surface drip irrigation a possible solution for some Georgia peanut farmers 08/20/15 - Sept. 15 recruiting event at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center 08/19/15 - UGA researching effectiveness of late-planted soybeans 08/13/15 - Georgia's top peanut farmers lean on Cooperative Extension advice for successful years 08/13/15 - Watermelon diseases a problem again for Georgia farmers 08/06/15 - UGA Cooperative Extension well represented in MPPPM program on UGA Tifton Campus 07/30/15 - Fall trainings focus on chainsaw safety 07/27/15 - Georgia cotton farmers should consider rye as a cover crop 07/21/15 - New admissions counselor on UGA Tifton eyes expansion of campus' presence 07/20/15 - Calcium-related disorder impacts Georgia's bell pepper production 07/15/15 - UGA Cooperative Extension agronomist stresses PGR use for Georgia cotton farmers 07/09/15 - Nematode management a priority for Georgia cotton farmers 07/02/15 - UGA entomologist stresses scouting fields for pests to Georgia peanut farmers 07/01/15 - Pecan blog useful tool in UGA reaching growers across the world 06/24/15 - China, India play key roles in future of cotton prices 06/23/15 - Soaring temperatures have watermelon farmers feeling the heat 06/17/15 - Fewer Vidalia onions expected this year 06/09/15 - Southern universities create smartphone app to predict disease risk in peanuts 06/04/15 - Annual 4-H20 Camp educates students on water usage and conservation 06/03/15 - UGA Extension to hold annual cotton scouting school in Tifton, Midville 05/27/15 - Mitchell County 4-H'er selected for's All-Star Team 05/27/15 - UGA vegetable horticulturist seeking to improve squash crop 05/14/15 - High forage quality important for beef cattle's nutrition 05/06/15 - UGA Extension connecting vegetable farmers, impoverished families in Dougherty County 04/29/15 - UGA Researchers studying management options for thrips 04/23/15 - New entomologist eyes different approach in studying insects 04/16/15 - Peanut entomologist solicits help via statewide survey 04/09/15 - UGA Extension to host grafting clinic for pecan farmers 03/31/15 - New turfgrass variety to be featured at annual UGA conference 03/24/15 - UGA horticulturist believes shading bell peppers increases yields, extends growing season 03/17/15 - Early blueberry varieties impacted by deep freezes in January, February 02/17/15 - UGA weed scientist helping corn growers combat morning glory weed 02/04/15 - UGA climatologist predicts more active tropical season in 2015 02/02/15 - UGA professor says rotation of different pesticide chemistries key to preventing weed resistance 01/29/15 - Glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth still a concern for Georgia cotton growers 01/23/15 - Low commodity prices highlight Ag Forecast event 01/23/15 - UGA releases new muscadine variety 01/16/15 - UGA peanut team addresses concerns, answers questions during annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show 01/12/15 - Georgia pecan crop lacking in size 01/06/15 - UGA vegetable horticulturist looking to enhance Georgia's top vegetable crop 12/29/14 - Ag Forecast to provide Georgia farmers outlook for upcoming season 12/23/14 - UGA CAES to offer advanced agriscience and environmental systems courses 12/18/14 - Georgia tobacco farmers feel sting of black shank disease 12/09/14 - UGA plant pathologist believes nighttime, early morning spraying can combat white mold disease 12/05/14 - Peanut pest wreaked havoc on Georgia's dry-land crop this year 12/04/14 - Farm bill educational meetings to be held across Georgia 11/25/14 - Cotton crop not fazed by early-November frost 11/19/14 - UGA dairy scientist studying benefits of forage sorghum as supplemental feed for dairy cattle 11/19/14 - New stink bug app could save farmers, scouts time and money 11/12/14 - UGA Tifton Campus set to host Southeastern Citrus Expo 11/12/14 - UGA Extension plant pathologist cautions peanut farmers about tomato spotted wilt virus 10/28/14 - UGA Extension specialist optimistic about Georgia's pecan crop 10/27/14 - Dry summer leads to heavy spider mite damage in non-irrigated peanuts 10/21/14 - Austin French credits Georgia 4-H for newfound stardom 10/17/14 - UGA CAES featured prominently in this year's Expo 10/15/14 - CAES graduate responsible for state seals in Sunbelt Expo Spotlight State Building 10/14/14 - South Georgia farmer named Southeastern Farmer of the Year 10/09/14 - Pecan scab a growing problem for Georgia producers 10/02/14 - UGA Extension agents trained in forestry, fisheries management 09/25/14 - Georgia Peanut Tour a major attraction for international farmers 09/24/14 - Georgia's under the spotlight at this year's Sunbelt Expo 09/18/14 - Kudzu bug numbers are drastically lower 09/11/14 - Cotton prices unfavorable for Georgia farmers 09/10/14 - Due to summer drought, Georgia's non-irrigated peanuts could have low yield potential 09/04/14 - UGA President Jere Morehead part of agricultural tour 08/27/14 - Summer drought has Georgia farmers feeling the heat 08/22/14 - Bleak market awaits corn farmers 08/21/14 - UGA set to host cotton, peanut field day on Tifton campus 08/14/14 - UGA Extension's new peanut agronomist upbeat about state crop 08/11/14 - Scientist uses peanut digger to control weeds 08/07/14 - New UGA scientist to research heat stress on dairy cattle on Tifton Campus 07/30/14 - UGA Extension scientist cautions corn growers against southern corn rust disease 07/22/14 - South Georgia farmers hope Satsumas produce sweet results 07/17/14 - New disease hits Georgia Vidalia onion crop 07/16/14 - Georgia's watermelon crop producing sweet results 07/10/14 - Cotton farmers have plethora of options in which to irrigate 06/25/14 - Water the focus of 4-H camp held at Stripling Irrigation Research Park 06/20/14 - Feral hogs eating away at farmers' land and profits 06/17/14 - Nematode populations a major concern for Georgia tobacco farmers 06/06/14 - UGA breeder works to increase cotton quality, breed nematode resistance 06/03/14 - UGA scientist researching coneless pine trees 05/30/14 - UGA set to host cotton scout school 05/28/14 - UGA set to host cotton scout school 05/22/14 - UGA expert supports no-till farm's water-saving qualities 05/21/14 - Key to controlling kudzu bug populations could be parasitoid wasps 05/14/14 - Onion crop steady despite frigid temperatures, rainy conditions 05/02/14 - Excessive rainfall postpones cotton planting around state 04/30/14 - Late cold snaps stunt growth of early-planted watermelons 04/28/14 - UGA, IBM work with farmers on water conservation project 04/23/14 - UGA researcher studying Durana white clover as living mulch in corn fields 04/16/14 - Solar power helping farmers with irrigation needs 04/10/14 - Maize weevils can destroy stored corn crops from the inside out 04/03/14 - UGA President Jere Morehead visits Tifton campus 04/03/14 - UGA research helps prevent scab disease issues 04/02/14 - UGA Extension teaches importance of car seat safety 03/27/14 - UGA economists to lead series of meetings about farm bill education 03/24/14 - UGA researches ways to control pests that damage pecan tree roots 03/21/14 - UGA Tifton set to host annual turfgrass conference 03/18/14 - Tift County farmer recognized as Georgia's farmer of the year 03/18/14 - Rain, disease limited Georgia's 2013 pecan crop 03/12/14 - Fight insects, buy resistant plants to keep diseases at bay 03/05/14 - Georgia's peach crop benefitting from cold temperatures 02/25/14 - UGA irrigation specialist helping farmers maximize efficiency and yields 02/20/14 - Managing herbicide drift is important to the bottom line, environment 02/11/14 - Low forage quality has Georgia cattlemen concerned 02/11/14 - High cattle prices tempting for cattlemen to sell 02/06/14 - UGA ag economists offer insights into how the farm bill will affect Georgians 02/06/14 - Workshop to focus on conservation tillage production systems 02/05/14 - Workshop to focus on conservation tillage production systems 02/04/14 - Less acreage, high yields highlight 2013 peanut season 01/31/14 - UGA, Auburn schedule precision ag workshops in Georgia, Alabama 01/21/14 - Nighttime spraying best time to spray peanuts for white mold disease 01/16/14 - Thrips took a toll on 2013 Georgia peanut, cotton crops 01/08/14 - Feed supplementation needed for Georgia cattle farmers 01/02/14 - Pecan breeding a long but necessary process 01/02/14 - Crop rotation a reliable management strategy for farmers 12/19/13 - Georgia pecan crop in worse shape than originally feared 12/12/13 - Defoliation necessary for cotton crops 12/04/13 - Peanut crop predicted to produce close to 4,000 pounds per acre 11/25/13 - Phytophthora devastating disease for watermelons across state 11/25/13 - Tift County 4-H poultry judging team wins national championship 11/20/13 - Georgia Christmas tree acreage is down, but prices are up 11/14/13 - Nitrogen essential to cotton, corn production 11/12/13 - High yields expected for state's peanut crop 11/07/13 - Nematode damage can have devastating impact on peanuts 11/01/13 - Burrower bug silent pest for peanut producers 10/31/13 - Cotton crop delayed by weather 10/30/13 - Pecan crop hurt by summer rainfall 10/22/13 - UGA CAES educates, informs during Sunbelt Expo 10/22/13 - Stripling Irrigation Research Park recognized for Smart Irrigation Month campaign 10/17/13 - UGA Cooperative Extension to host income tax courses 10/17/13 - UGA President dubs visit to Expo 'spectacular' 10/10/13 - UGA faculty instrumental in helping organize livestock shows at Georgia National Fair 10/04/13 - Kudzu bugs costly concern for soybean farmers 10/02/13 - Ag exports highlight inaugural International Agribusiness Conference 09/25/13 - UGA professor delivering 'Peake' performance in classroom 09/25/13 - Exporting products topic of International Agribusiness Conference 09/24/13 - King a strong advocate for agriculture 09/19/13 - Georgia Peanut Tour an educational experience for industry personnel 09/17/13 - Peanut yields expected to decline after 2012's record-breaking season 09/10/13 - State tour immerses President Morehead into world of agriculture 09/10/13 - UAVs could soon be helpful tool for farmers 09/05/13 - UGA Tifton excelling in the classroom 09/05/13 - showCAES to highlight college's academic programs 09/03/13 - UGA Tifton set to hold Cotton and Peanut Field Day 09/03/13 - UGA Tifton to hold Cotton and Peanut Field Day 08/27/13 - UGA research to be featured in Georgia Peanut Tour 08/21/13 - Midville field day educates and informs farmers 08/19/13 - Soil moisture sensors help farmers optimize water use 08/16/13 - Dean Angle optimistic about College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' future 08/14/13 - Satsuma orange conference set at Lowndes County Civic Center 08/06/13 - Segers elated to join UGA as Cooperative Extension beef cattle specialist 08/06/13 - Pinkeye leaving mark on cows 08/02/13 - Apps helping farmers identify unwanted pests 07/24/13 - Increased rainfall impacting cotton crops 07/23/13 - Stripling Irrigation Research Park to host annual field day 07/18/13 - International Conference to enlighten farmers, businesses about exporting products 07/10/13 - Focused on fungicide resistance 07/10/13 - 4-H20 camp a fun and educational experience 06/27/13 - New vegetable horticulturist set to man Tifton post 06/27/13 - Spring rains impact forage production 06/14/13 - Tobacco production in decline 06/12/13 - Zeon Zoysia grass to be featured in Olympics 06/05/13 - New peanut entomologist set to start at UGA Tifton Campus 06/05/13 - Palmer amaranth tough foe for cotton farmers 05/21/13 - Truffles hidden gems in pecan orchards for farmers 05/16/13 - Tomato yellow leaf curl virus threat to tomato crop 05/10/13 - UGA-Tifton Campus holds annual Agricultural and Environmental Awareness Day 05/07/13 - Auto-steer driving peanut farmers to success 05/03/13 - USAID grant to fund global UGA peanut research 05/02/13 - Annual Turfgrass Conference held in Tifton 05/02/13 - AgrAbility helping farmers get back to work 04/26/13 - Richt complimentary of Tifton turfgrass 04/24/13 - Turfgrass conference planned for April 30 04/24/13 - Culpepper recommends alternatives for methyl bromide 04/18/13 - Forage pest having major impact 04/17/13 - Misuse of pesticides harmful for farmers, companies 04/10/13 - Optimal planting time key in peanut farming success 04/03/13 - Technology to play key role in future of agriculture 03/28/13 - New fruit specialist hired at UGA-Tifton campus 03/26/13 - Stink bugs costly, harmful to farmers' crops 03/22/13 - Scientists aim to improve peanuts through breeding 03/21/13 - Wildflower Symposium features expert advice for gardening enthusiasts 03/13/13 - Nigerian delegation visits Tifton campus, south Georgia farms on tour 03/08/13 - Science Night event fun for all involved 03/07/13 - Research shows promising results for Georgia beet production 02/21/13 - Ag teachers in short supply 02/19/13 - Intercropping helps farmers save money, time and resources 02/15/13 - UGA event highlights weather fighting tools for farmers 02/07/13 - Resistant varieties saved Georgia tomatoes from viral destruction