Portrait of Pam Knox

Pam Knox

Pam Knox is an agricultural climatologist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
Area(s) of Expertise: Agrometerology, Climate Change


11/11/21 - CAES combines research and Extension efforts to develop climate solutions 06/01/21 - UGA Weather Network celebrates 30 years of service to agriculture in Georgia 05/13/21 - Updated U.S. climate data shows rise in average temperatures across most of the nation 09/01/20 - Prepare for a record-setting hurricane season 02/26/20 - Some parts of Georgia have received more than 7 inches of rainfall recently, UGA expert says 01/29/20 - UGA climate expert shares production strategies for spring weather 11/07/19 - October ushered in autumn with summer-like temperatures and some drought relief 10/30/19 - UGA peach specialist Dario Chavez encourages farmers to water trees, especially during prolonged dry period 10/10/19 - September was unseasonably hot, dry, UGA climatologist says 08/29/19 - Prepare now for Hurricane Dorian’s arrival, UGA climatologist says 08/06/19 - Drought changes management strategy for Bermuda grass stem maggot 05/29/19 - Irrigation is integral to the development of this year's vegetable crop 05/23/19 - Spring season brings summer heat to Georgia 05/09/19 - Warmer-than-normal temperatures and seasonal precipitation helped farmers in April 04/08/19 - The last frost is likely past, UGA climate expert says 03/15/19 - El Nino impacts Georgia agriculture 01/03/19 - Snow, hurricane among Georgia’s five big weather, climate events in 2018 11/05/18 - UGA weather network provides vital data to National Weather Service 09/05/18 - Georgia wet in the west, dry in the east in August 2018 08/08/18 - July was fairly wet, but temperatures felt more like summer in Georgia 07/09/18 - Summer thunderstorms led to variable rainfall in June 2018 06/15/18 - Pam Knox named interim director of UGA weather network 05/24/18 - Forecasters expect an early start to Georgia's tropical storm season 05/07/18 - Cool, breezy April slows crop growth 04/16/18 - UGA agriculture climatologist says expect dry planting conditions this spring 04/11/18 - Colder-than-normal March damages crops, delays planting 02/08/18 - Cooler-than-normal January brought welcome snow but no relief from expanded drought 12/18/17 - Blogs an effective communication tool for Extension agents 11/27/17 - Georgia's peach farmers hoping for colder winter this year 11/09/17 - Warm, dry October provides tepid start to fall 09/06/17 - Hurricane Irma headed toward Georgia, residents urged to prepare 08/03/17 - Don't let excitement eclipse safety concerns during the Great American Eclipse 08/03/17 - July drier than normal, but rainfall still causing problems for some Georgia farmers 07/06/17 - Rain and clouds helped to keep June a bit cooler than normal across the state 06/06/17 - May rain brings relief to Georgia farmers 05/10/17 - April 2017 brings record-high temperatures and varying rainfall across Georgia 03/13/17 - Climatologists work to demystify wet bulb temperature – the secret to efficient freeze protection for blueberries and peaches 03/09/17 - February's warm, dry weather expands severe drought in northern Georgia 02/09/17 - Warm weather and storms dominate January's weather in Georgia 01/09/17 - Warm temperatures, variable rainfall covered Georgia in December 2016 01/05/17 - Recent rainfall providing hope for Georgia farmers 12/07/16 - Drought expanded across Georgia during November 11/19/16 - UGA Cooperative Extension experts available to speak on the drought 11/17/16 - Smoke from Georgia's wildfires spreading across northern Georgia 11/10/16 - Drought impacting Georgia farmers 11/10/16 - Almost 75 percent of Georgia now experience some level of drought or abnormally dry conditions 10/06/16 - September's storms remove dry conditions in some areas but others get worse 09/08/16 - Despite August deluge, hot, dry weather expected to persist through early fall 08/25/16 - Lightning poses dangerous threat to farmers 08/04/16 - Georgia's hot, dry spell will continue despite recent showers 07/27/16 - Georgia heads into August with a near record number of days over 95 degrees 07/07/16 - You're right; it has been hotter than normal this summer 06/06/16 - May brings drought in north Georgia, heavy rain in Savannah 05/05/16 - April weather makes fields wet, delays planting in south Georgia 04/07/16 - March was warmer and drier than normal causing early blooms and clouds of pollen 03/03/16 - Soggy spring soil has farmers concerned 02/05/16 - January 2016 saw the return of nearly normal winter weather to Georgia 01/07/16 - Spring-like December 2015 was one for the record books 12/04/15 - November 2015 ranks as one of the top 10 wettest, warmest for Georgia 11/04/15 - October 2015 was feast or famine for rainfall across the Southeast 10/08/15 - September was drier than normal despite month-ending rain 10/01/15 - UGA climatologist cautions Georgia farmers about impending El Niño weather pattern 09/10/15 - August 2015 saw above average rainfall, seasonal temperatures for Georgia 08/13/15 - No heat relief projected until late this year, UGA expert says 07/07/15 - Overly-warm June left some parts of the state in drought and caused some crop damage 06/11/15 - May 2015 started dry, but rain returned late 05/08/15 - April 2015 was much warmer and wetter than normal in Georgia 04/10/15 - Warm, dry March causes concern for spring soil moisture 03/24/15 - Late cold snap predicted for this weekend in northern Georgia 03/05/15 - February 2015 second coldest since 1978 02/06/15 - Cool and dry conditions in January 2015 02/04/15 - UGA climatologist predicts more active tropical season in 2015 01/13/15 - Wetter, warmer December bolsters winter forage and grain crops 12/03/14 - November chills set local records across Georgia 11/05/14 - October's varied rainfall across the state helped, hindered farmers 10/09/14 - September rainfall eases South Georgia drought 09/04/14 - Feast or famine for August rainfall 08/27/14 - Summer drought has Georgia farmers feeling the heat 08/06/14 - Drought returns to Georgia as drier than normal conditions cover most of the state 07/10/14 - June saw normal temperatures, but wide-ranging rainfall across Georgia 06/06/14 - Normal May weather helps Georgia dry out after soggy spring 05/05/14 - Farmers still drying out from April's wet weather 05/02/14 - UGA Extension launches agricultural climatology blog for the Southeast 05/01/14 - Climate change will lengthen growing season, increase pests 04/09/14 - Cooler, drier March may impact Georgia's spring planting season 03/20/14 - Winter near average for Georgia in spite of some cold mornings 03/06/14 - Text messages and smart phone apps can alert Georgians of impending severe weather 03/06/14 - Most Georgia growers avoid direct hit from February ice storm, but possible spring freeze looms 02/27/14 - Polar vortex brings unexpected winter storms to Georgia 02/13/14 - January broke records for cold and traffic jams 02/10/14 - Second 2014 winter storm headed into Georgia 01/16/14 - Georgia experienced its third wettest year on record in spite of quiet tropical season 01/08/14 - Warm, wet weather broke records for December 12/26/13 - Georgia Organics conference includes university, farm experts 12/05/13 - November's lows and highs are a preview of winter's weather 11/27/13 - Wet and cool summer slowed crops this year; winter looks drier with highly variable temperatures 11/07/13 - Abnormally dry conditions return to state during October 10/03/13 - A drier September gives farmers a break from soggy fields 09/11/13 - August rounds out this cool, wet Georgia summer 08/09/13 - Soggy soil, high streams and rainy days dominated July in Georgia 07/09/13 - June's rains soaked the state but kept it cooler than normal 06/13/13 - May weather delays planting by a few weeks 05/03/13 - Drought almost gone, but lingers on the southeastern coast 04/11/13 - March was colder than January in many parts of Georgia 04/02/13 - End of winter rains break records and obliterate drought 03/14/13 - Community weather network celebrates milestone, looking to grow 03/06/13 - February 2013 may go down as one of the rainiest 01/03/13 - Warm, wet December brings some drought relief, but not enough 12/19/12 - “Quiet” drought is worse in some areas than 2007-2009 drought 12/05/12 - November colder and drier than normal across Georgia 11/09/12 - Georgia saw little October rainfall as a whole, but plenty in isolated areas 10/03/12 - Fall starts with uneventful weather 09/06/12 - August left some Georgians with too much of a good thing: Rain 08/30/12 - Rains from Isaac provide minimal relief for Georgia farmers 08/08/12 - July saw areas of above average rainfall, but also continuing drought in Georgia 07/19/12 - Knox embraces new role as agricultural climatologist 07/05/12 - June temperatures hit both record highs and record lows 06/04/12 - Spring 2012 hits the record books as one of the warmest 05/04/12 - April 2012 was warmer and dryer than normal 09/08/11 - August's weather played the same old tune 08/04/11 - Georgia's hot streak continues 07/14/11 - June weather sets hot records in Georgia 06/07/11 - Ga. temps soar above normal for fourth straight month 05/05/11 - April weather slammed through Georgia, Southeast 05/05/11 - Prepare now for severe weather 04/07/11 - Spring marches in with severe weather 02/03/11 - Georgia eyes coldest winter ever 01/06/11 - From Columbus to Macon to Athens, Georgians saw snow on Christmas 12/09/10 - Georgia temperatures normal, rain abnormal in November 11/04/10 - Summer-like weather seeps into Georgia's fall 10/07/10 - Georgia summertime weather seeps into September 09/02/10 - Georgia summer sets record 08/04/10 - Georgia sets record high and low temps in July 07/08/10 - Summertime heat hits Georgia hard 06/09/10 - May weather steams up Georgia 05/06/10 - Georgia's April weather warmer than normal 04/06/10 - Spring starts cool, dry in Georgia 02/09/10 - El Niño winter hits Georgia hard 01/20/10 - Volatile October sets record temps in Georgia 01/14/10 - Georgia cities set rainfall records in December 12/10/09 - November rain sets records 10/01/09 - Soggy September floods north Georgia 09/03/09 - August weather a mixed bag across Georgia 08/27/09 - Fossil finding new life as a landscape tree 08/06/09 - Georgia sees record low temps in July 07/02/09 - June starts wet, ends dry, remained hot 06/04/09 - May was wet, windy month in Georgia 05/06/09 - Volatile weather month smacks Georgia 04/30/09 - Track Georgia's precipitation 04/08/09 - March rain soaks Georgia’s drought 03/06/09 - Severe weather outbreaks unusual for February 02/19/09 - Prepare now for bad weather 02/11/09 - January dry month with variable temps for Georgia 05/15/08 - Georgia volunteers needed for rain gauge network 04/12/07 - Tornado time? 03/29/07 - Home tornado drills 04/22/02 - Drought Expected to Worsen in Georgia 03/26/02 - Use 30-30 Rule for Thunderstorm Safety 02/28/02 - Drought Worsens Without Normal Winter Rains 11/21/01 - Days Without Rain Near Local Records 11/01/01 - Three Dry Months Worsen Georgia Drought 09/21/01 - Drought Still Dusting Much of Georgia 08/29/01 - Drought Becomes Visible Again in Georgia 07/24/01 - Rainy Summer Giving Way to Drought? 03/15/01 - Cooler, Drier Winter Giving Way to Dry Spring 03/05/01 - March Rains Far From End to Drought