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Lines of school buses idling outside schools creates harmful air pollution and wastes fuel. To protect students' lung, and save engine parts, bus, and parents' vehicles, should not idle while waiting for students to exit school buildings, University of Georgia experts say. CAES News
Wraparound Webinar
Hear how schools are leveraging community partnerships, state and federal resources to holistically meet family needs in an upcoming webinar presented by University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.
Emily Momberg speaking about the digital divide at a commission meeting in Catoosa County. (file photo) CAES News
Georgia 4-H Tech Changemakers
As a part of a three-year program, 4-H Tech Changemakers challenged 4-H youth leaders to conduct trainings to educate their communities about digital literacy with the goal of increasing the adoption of technology in rural counties in Georgia.
Georgia 4-H offers digital environmental education series CAES News
4-H Online Winter Programming
This past year has presented Georgia 4-H with the opportunity to create new and innovative programming options to meet the challenges of virtual school options and social distancing required by the COVID-19 crisis. Because these circumstances have precluded students from attending traditional environmental education programming at Georgia 4-H centers and 4-H club meetings at local University of Georgia Coooperative Extension offices, teachers and parents have needed entertaining and educational online resources to keep youth engaged in non-traditional learning environments. In response, Georgia 4-H launched “From The Mountains To The Sea,” “Zoom into Science” and “Blast Off with Georgia 4-H” to allow the state’s youth to continue their participation in 4-H programming remotely.
Oglethorpe County 4-H’ers prepared animal-safe treats to donate to a local animal rescue shelter. CAES News
Feeding Furry Friends
In Oglethorpe County, 4-H’ers have met monthly for the past seven years as a part of the Georgia 4-H Cooking to Share initiative, which challenges 4-H’ers across the state to develop cooking skills by preparing food for families in need. This past program year, more than 60 families benefited from this project in Oglethorpe County. To adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, 4-H'ers began preparing animal-safe treats for a local animal shelter.
A 4S student from Reynaldo Salinas Institute in Honduras poses with produce he grew at home through the Honduras 4S From Home program. CAES News
International 4-H Partnership
The University of Georgia, The Ohio State University and Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural University, a private university in Honduras, partnered to facilitate 4-H programming during the COVID-19 pandemic at six Honduran schools, reaching 180 students.
The 2020 Georgia 4-H State Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Competition first place Senior Team winners and High Overall Individual will receive Georgia Master 4-H’er status, be honored at Georgia State 4-H Congress in July in Atlanta, and represent Georgia in the Consumer Decision Making contest at Western National Roundup in January 2021 in Denver, Colorado. CAES News
Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging
Thirty youth participated in the 2020 Georgia 4-H State Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Competition sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission on Dec. 12. This year, the contest was held in a virtual format.
Fall Forum CAES News
Fall Forum
On Dec. 12, Senior 4-H’ers around the state will log in and connect with others for the virtual 4-H Fall Forum event “Georgia 4-H: We Stick Together.”
Jessica McGuire, with the nonprofit conservation organization Quail Forever, teaches students about wildlife conservation at Shiver Elementary School, where Grady County 4-H'ers planted a pollinator garden to help students understand the importance of protecting ecosystems. CAES News
Preserving Pollinators
Eight Grady County 4-H’ers installed a pollinator garden at a local school as part of a yearlong program highlighting the importance of pollinators.
Cutler, honored with the Georgia 4-H Green Jacket Award, gives an acceptance speech at the 2020 Stars Across Georgia virtual awards ceremony. CAES News
4-H annual awards
Gale Cutler, a senior public relations coordinator at the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (EMC), has been named the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Georgia 4-H Green Jacket Award. In addition to Cutler’s role at Georgia EMC, she is an integral member of the Georgia 4-H Advisory Committee.