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Echols County 4-H'er Brent Mashburn works on his team's ROV during Georgia 4-H's HughesNet Tech Takeover Day in June. Two of his team-mates, Brooks County 4-H'ers Chris Spires and Jack Perry, wait to try out the robots modifications. CAES News
College Pound
College acceptance is not typically at the top of a middle school student’s to-do list, but preparation for higher education should begin somewhere between after-school practice and math homework at this age.
University of Georgia Extension experts say that you should wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm soap and water to effectively clean them. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for hand-washing. Sanitizer can be used in the event that soap and water are not available, but soap and water are always the best choice for hand-washing. CAES News
Handwashing Tips
Back to school for Georgia students means reuniting with friends, reminiscing about summer and, unfortunately, sharing germs that could lead to various illnesses.
Murray County 4-H’er Charlsey Richards instructs her grandmother and Tech Changemakers student Betty Sue Grooms. CAES News
In rural Georgia counties, STEAM programs are having an impact on kids, teenagers and adults. STEAM is designed to integrate science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics subjects into various education disciplines. The goal is to teach students how to think critically and use engineering or technology in creative approaches to real-world problems while building on students' mathematics and science base.
4-H student Jacob Moore enjoys getting cooled off from the irrigation pivot during the 4-H2O camp at Stripling research park on June 12, 2019. CAES News
4-H2O Camp
More than 200 Georgia 4-H members from 14 counties in south Georgia learned about the importance of water and why they need to treasure the natural resource during the annual 4-H2O camp, which was held June 11 to 13.
A group of Georgia 4-H members is using a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and National 4-H Council to teach their fellow 4-H'ers to make healthier snack and beverage choices. The students are showing handing out water bottles at the Georgia 4-H Senior Conference in April. CAES News
Healthier Choices
Six Georgia 4-H’ers have been awarded a $500 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation via the National 4-H Council to encourage their fellow 4-H members to eat and drink healthier.
Terrell County's Georgia 4-H Food Product Development team won first place in this year's Food Product Development Contest with their take on kompot, a Slavic fruit drink. Georgia 4-H's Courtney Brown and Associate Professor Anand Mohan congratulates team members Sebastian Shattles, Hannah Grubbs, Janya Scott and Larry Hall. CAES News
Kompot Creation
Most Americans may not know what kompot is, but if Terrell County’s 4-H Food Development Team has anything to say about it, that may soon change.
This summer, teens from across the nation will gather in Georgia and Colorado for camps designed just for military kids by the Georgia 4-H Military Partnership. The camps begin in June, but adult volunteer leaders are needed now. CAES News
Adult Volunteers
Georgia 4-H is searching for adult volunteer leaders for this summer’s 2019 Military Teen Summits coordinated by the Georgia 4-H Military Partnership. The summits will occur in Jekyll Island, Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia, and Estes Park, Colorado, through funding provided by several entities. The camps begin in June and conclude in early-August.
Pictured are Brian Hayes, Mitchell County Extension agent and county Extension coordinator; Monica Kilpatrick, state coordinator for Georgia Project WET; Debra Cox, Mitchell County 4-H Extension educator; Jennifer Grogan, retired Mitchell County 4-H agent and county Extension coordinator; and Calvin Perry, UGA C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park superintendent. CAES News
Georgia Project WET
Along with the University of Georgia's C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park, the UGA Cooperative Extension 4-H program in Mitchell County has been named the 2019 Georgia Project WET Organization of the Year for hosting a Georgia 4-H camp designed to teach children the importance of water conservation.
Georgia 4-H youth, leaders and volunteers visited Atlanta for Georgia 4-H Day at the Capitol on Feb. 7 at the Georgia Freight Depot and Capitol Building. CAES News
4-H at Capitol
More than 500 Georgia 4-H youth, leaders and volunteers visited Atlanta for Georgia 4-H Day at the Capitol on Feb. 7 at the Georgia Freight Depot and Capitol Building. This leadership- and civic engagement-based event is held annually to connect 4-H youth with Georgia legislators, provide students insight to the legislative process and allow them to thank legislators and donors.