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Bhabesh Dutta



11/29/21 - New “onion devourer” bacteria found by UGA researchers 10/01/20 - UGA awarded $2.7 million grant to fight fungus in broccoli 07/16/20 - UGA researchers discover genes that allow bacteria to resist onion’s natural defenses 11/13/19 - UGA CAES scientists study alternative control methods for center rot disease in organic onion production 09/13/19 - UGA CAES part of extensive research study aimed at whitefly management 06/04/19 - Georgia vegetable growers need to apply fungicides to stay ahead of downy mildew disease. 04/22/19 - Postharvest diseases a concern for onion producers 04/01/19 - UGA's Dutta, Brenneman honored with IPM awards 03/06/19 - Fungicide resistance spells trouble for Georgia, Virginia vegetable farmers 01/29/19 - UGA onion agent tells Georgia farmers to be proactive with fungicides 01/17/19 - UGA faculty, Extension agents honored for work in fruit and vegetable industry 12/18/18 - Multistate research projects vital to solving broad agricultural issues 10/17/18 - Michael deals $480 million blow to Georgia's vegetable farmers 08/24/18 - Traps key component of UGA whitefly research 07/10/18 - UGA's Bhabesh Dutta recognized with 40 under 40 honor 06/06/18 - UGA CAES team researching whiteflies statewide 05/31/18 - Rain stunts peanut crop, creates perfect conditions for vegetable diseases 05/23/18 - Georgia watermelon farmers mindful of potential disease pressure following rainfall 05/02/18 - UGA research aimed at stopping gummy stem blight in the greenhouse 06/22/17 - Rainy month increases likelihood for watermelon diseases 06/06/17 - Fumigation a potential management tool for Georgia watermelon farmers fighting fusarium wilt disease 06/21/16 - UGA plant pathologist warns farmers to spray now to prevent watermelon disease