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05/10/22 - What's up, buttercup? Prolific weed competes with forage grasses and grains 03/18/22 - Compost enriches soil — but doesn’t replace fertilizer 12/16/21 - Avoid transplant shock by planting trees and shrubs in the cooler months 11/08/21 - High humidity, slimy visitors create a mailbox mystery for UGA Extension 10/05/21 - Popular trees provide flower power but don't last the test of time 09/20/21 - Rainy weather brings leaf spot disease 09/15/21 - Don’t be bugged by insects seeing the light 07/30/21 - Bartow County 4-H Forestry Team earns top honors in National 4-H Forestry Invitational 02/11/21 - Add color during dreary months by adding winter-blooming plants to the landscape 11/23/20 - Wet fall weather can cause abundance of fungus 10/07/20 - Wet weather can lead to fungal leaf spot disease in hydrangeas 08/18/20 - UGA Extension interns recap rewarding summer assignments 07/14/20 - Managing common landscape diseases 06/30/20 - Shriveled blueberries could signal “mummy berry” disease 12/19/19 - Give a UGA Extension book and give the gift of knowledge 12/03/19 - It's time to add mulch, divide overcrowded flowers, plant new trees 10/31/19 - Four-legged excavators cause damage to home lawns this time of year 09/19/19 - Wilted leaves aren't always a sign that the plant needs water 07/29/19 - Ugly tomatoes can still make for a great sandwich 07/09/19 - Most ground-nesting bees and wasps are good bugs 06/27/19 - Kill weedy grasses with mulch and herbicides, UGA expert says 12/20/18 - Control light and Christmas cactus will bloom 09/20/18 - Successfully transplanting landscape plants takes forethought, preparation 12/19/17 - North Georgia landscapes suffer damage from December snowfall. 12/15/17 - Pollinators need more than pollen and nectar to survive and help produce food for people 12/15/17 - A pollinator-friendly garden can be created in the shade 12/14/17 - Live Christmas trees can become part of the landscape after the holidays 11/27/17 - Give nut-lovers their own nut-producing trees this holiday season 09/13/17 - Irma's winds trimmed limbs and downed trees across Georgia 07/21/17 - Summer storms result in downed trees across Georgia 06/06/17 - Tree bark can split from cold temperatures following excessive sun and heat 03/15/17 - Now is the time to kill lawn weeds and get garden soil tested 03/09/17 - Spring training for farmers 02/16/17 - Fighting weeds this spring? Don't forget to protect your trees from lawn herbicides 01/24/17 - Plant cool-season vegetables now to harvest this spring 10/17/16 - Foundation plants must tolerate hot conditions and hard soil 02/04/16 - Natural spring water may taste great, but that doesn't make it safe to drink. 12/17/15 - Live Christmas trees can be enjoyed indoors now, planted outdoors later 09/23/15 - Wildflowers compete for attention in the fall 07/14/15 - Soil test can help cure thin, patchy lawn problems 07/10/15 - Disease causes spots on oak tree leaves, won't kill trees 07/06/15 - Prevent root suckers by keeping mowers, trimmers away from trees 06/10/15 - Fragrant summer blooms mask “dark side” to invasive plants, like Japanese honeysuckle and privet 06/03/15 - Backyard blueberry leaves can tell the tale of soil deficiencies and pH problems 04/23/15 - Tiny insect saws through rose bushes 04/02/15 - Wildlife spreads pear trees, storms and winds tear them down 02/19/15 - Read herbicide labels carefully to avoid killing landscape plants and trees 12/04/14 - Team of UGA agents wins Urban Agriculture Education Award 09/25/14 - Successfully transplanting landscape plants takes forethought, preparation 09/04/14 - Plant fall vegetables now so they can mature before first frost 09/04/14 - Amend fall garden soil for more vegetables, flower blooms 07/10/14 - After a short hiatus, Japanese beetles return to Georgia landscapes and gardens 06/12/14 - Ambrosia beetles boring holes in freeze damaged fig trees 03/13/14 - From plant selection to repellents and fences, UGA experts share deer control tips 03/13/14 - Free manure for gardens can come with weeds and pesticide residue. 03/12/14 - Container gardens need good soil and nutrients for success 12/12/13 - Fewer farmers working to grow food for more Americans 10/02/13 - Soil amendments can be key factor in flower growth 09/18/13 - Hornets, yellow jackets noticeable this time of year 09/12/13 - Hackberry pest has homeowners seeing "snowflakes" falling 07/17/13 - Too much moisture can bring brown patch disease to lawns 06/24/13 - Hay and manure can bring unwanted herbicides to vegetable gardens 05/13/13 - Keep garden rows wide enough to cultivate, narrow enough to shadow out weeds 03/28/13 - Reddish-brown boxwood leaves likely caused by winter 02/28/13 - Most ground-nesting bees are useful pollinators 01/17/13 - One man's wild flower is another man's weed 01/03/13 - Tackle erosion with grasses, landscape plants and terraces 10/25/12 - Leaf spot on greens linked to moisture 10/08/12 - Tiny mite spreads ugly disease by feeding on roses 08/30/12 - Cut and spray to control tough, weedy vines like poison ivy and greenbrier 06/21/12 - To control fleas, treat indoors and outdoors 05/03/12 - Keep fire ants away from compost piles, vegetable gardens 04/17/12 - Plant disease makes growing pears difficult 03/26/12 - Male birds fight their reflections in odd turf war 02/29/12 - Spot spray, pull or hoe weeds in winter turfgrass 02/16/12 - Protect homegrown tomatoes by scouting for pests 02/08/12 - Freezing temperatures may reduce backyard blueberry crops 01/05/12 - Mistletoe may help sweethearts, but it hurts host trees 11/23/11 - Don't prune landscapes now 09/01/11 - Collards, turnips and cabbages are popular fall vegetables 06/01/11 - Avoid "Top 10 Landscape Mistakes" 04/12/11 - Use a calendar to track lawn care tasks 03/08/11 - UGA Extension challenges Georgians to save 40 gallons of water each day 03/01/11 - A healthy tree grows no moss, or lichens 01/20/11 - Holiday gift plants can be year-round houseplants 12/09/10 - Tiny insects search for moisture 10/28/10 - Evergreens drop leaves and needles, too 10/07/10 - Pumpkin picking time has arrived 08/19/10 - Fall is cool-season crop time 08/19/10 - Leaves: Nature's homemade mulch 07/01/10 - The great outdoors doesn't have to be itchy 06/22/10 - Test well water to ensure it's safe to drink, use 05/20/10 - State's public gardens are perfect vacation, day trip spots 04/28/10 - Prepare now to protect plants from Japanese beetles 03/25/10 - Organic gardening takes more time, effort and forethought 03/04/10 - Too much water for plants as bad as not enough 02/18/10 - Tips on gardening for Georgia newcomers 02/18/10 - 2010 edition of the annual Spring Garden Packet 02/11/10 - Turfgrass fertilization time? Not necessarily 01/21/10 - Efficient fires start with seasoned wood