Published on 03/09/17

Spring training for farmers

By Paul Pugliese

Spring gardening time is just around the corner. Georgians will be soon be reaching out to their county University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents to ask questions, troubleshoot problems with specific insects, weeds and plant diseases, and to test their soil and water.

For new farmers, sometimes a phone call, an email or an on-farm consultation just isn’t enough for them to learn what they need to know. That’s why UGA Extension offers annual “spring training” programs to give farmers an in-depth look at specific agricultural issues. Just as baseball players need to practice and refresh their skills before the start of the regular season, farmers need to hone their skills before the planting season.

Farming is one of the most diverse and dynamic occupations, and it’s impossible to be an expert in every agricultural crop or animal. To help answer farmers’ questions, Extension agents never stop learning new things. If an Extension agent doesn’t know the answer to a question, that agent knows where to find an answer within the UGA Extension network. Just like farmers, UGA Extension agents attend several in-service trainings through UGA every year to stay up to date on the newest research and technology that affect the public and the agriculture industry.

This spring, UGA Extension has several upcoming education programs across the state for new and experienced farmers and gardeners. Many of these programs also offer continuing education units toward license requirements for private and commercial pesticide applicators. 

For a detailed agenda of UGA Extension workshops offered across the state and in your local county, visit the UGA Extension calendar online at 

Paul Pugliese is the Agriculture and Natural Resources agent for the University of Georgia Extension office in Bartow County.

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