Norman Winter

Norman Winter is the director of the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm in Savannah, Georgia.


01/16/18 - 'Kanjiro' camellias are beautiful and attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. 01/09/18 - Enjoy Christmas cactus year after year 12/26/17 - Bouquet dianthus reigns supreme for cold-hardy cut flowers 12/07/17 - Golden berry hollies dazzling in the winter landscape 11/29/17 - Old-fashioned cosmos are breathtaking along Georgia highways 11/21/17 - December Nights and Holiday Lights returns with more than a million lights 11/20/17 - ColorMax violas offer a new wow factor to the cool-season landscape 11/09/17 - These cool-season flowers will have you feeling Snaptastic 10/25/17 - The Mexican giant cigar plant is like candy corn for the garden 10/19/17 - 'Bolivian Sunset': A dazzling, shady ground cover 10/12/17 - Soap aloe offers striking foliage, gorgeous flowers that hummingbirds love 10/05/17 - 'NuMex Easter' pepper is a stunning All-America Selections Winner 09/27/17 - Banner year for Graffiti pentas and butterflies 09/20/17 - Fall in love with 'Patti Faye,' the most exquisite deodar cedar 09/14/17 - Giant Milkweed: Consider the Possibilities 09/07/17 - Scarlet Sage: An old friend made even more dazzling 08/31/17 - Cool Wave pansies give vertical dimension to baskets, containers 08/31/17 - Bamboo muhly grass adds texture, motion to landscapes 08/24/17 - Some moths are stunning and could even be called beautiful 08/17/17 - Georgia Gold Medal-winning Rudbeckia is America's plant 08/10/17 - 'Chantilly Lace' and 'Pinky Winky' dazzle with blooms, bees and butterflies 08/03/17 - Native cup plant: a one-stop cafe for birds and pollinators 07/24/17 - The uproar over zinnias continues in the garden 07/05/17 - 'Prairie Sun' still steals the show in landscapes  06/29/17 - Scaevola still rocks the summer landscape 20 years later 06/22/17 - Pineapple lily is easy to grow, exotically beautiful 06/15/17 - Coleus' bright foliage performs beautifully in summer landscapes 06/08/17 - African blood lily is the most stunning of all bulbs 05/24/17 - 'Gold Doubloon' gardenia can light up your landscape 05/18/17 - 'Inferno' coleus has stunning orange foliage of perfection 05/11/17 - The paloverde is a drought-tolerant tree with distinctive green bark that's covered with spines 05/04/17 - Amaryllis are known as a Christmas plant, but it can be enrolled in the spring, too 04/27/17 - Fuzzy deutzia: showing out in a garden near you 04/20/17 - Savannah Orchid Show set for April 28-30 at UGA's Coastal Botanical Gardens 04/13/17 - Enormous blossoms of exquisite beauty on 'South Pacific Sipper' 04/06/17 - Banana shrub: an heirloom of exotic fragrance 03/30/17 - Emperor's candlestick grows up to eight feet tall and can stretch out three feet in each direction 03/16/17 - Landscapes are a-Drift with colorful roses 03/09/17 - There's a colorful storm brewing in the spring garden 03/06/17 - Eating locally begins with the home vegetable garden 03/02/17 - Native to the South, 'Mrs. Schiller's Delight' is semi-evergreen, tough and tolerant. 02/23/17 - Dutch iris competes for garden attention 02/16/17 - “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme:” An old song for spring 02/09/17 - Narcissus: The official trumpets of spring bring incredible joy 02/01/17 - Cyclamen is the ultimate Valentine's Day plant 01/19/17 - Primulas offer shocking color to get you out of the doldrums 01/12/17 - Heuchera are native to the U.S. and an award-winning perennial plant 01/04/17 - Use deadnettle to liven up cool spring containers 12/29/16 - Swiss chard: highly ornamental and wonderfully edible 12/22/16 - Pansies partner well with snapdragons, thyme and cypress in cool-season containers 12/15/16 - 'Ascot Rainbow' offers sizzling, year-round interest 12/07/16 - Misplaced sage: a stunner in the fall garden 12/01/16 - The Brassicas are taking center stage with kale, mustards and collards 11/16/16 - Fall-blooming camellias offer stunning landscape performance 10/27/16 - Nothing says fall like mari-mums 10/19/16 - Hurricanes make you appreciate floral beauty like the old-fashioned zinnia 10/13/16 - Repair the landscape damaged by Hurricane Matthew one step at a time 10/06/16 - Native blue mistflowers offer dazzling color 09/29/16 - Croton: the world's most colorful shrub 09/22/16 - 'Everillo' sedge is like having golden lanterns throughout the landscape 09/15/16 - Hurricane Hermine brings magic flowers of the rain 09/08/16 - Cape plumbago: Your ticket to the butterfly wild kingdom 09/01/16 - 'Lime Sizzler' is a dazzling new firebush that grabs attention 08/31/16 - Copper Worth Every Penny In the Summer Landscape 08/25/16 - Ornamental peppers bring vibrant color to the fall garden 08/18/16 - Princess flower offers the color of royalty 08/10/16 - Curcuma gingers are the crown jewels of the plant world 11/27/13 - Yuletide camellias getting a jump on the holidays, too