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08/31/17 - Save time and build soil composition by mulching fallen leaves with mower 11/22/16 - The secret to keeping your Christmas tree looking great: a little planning and a lot of water 10/13/16 - Saturated soil no good for gardening or driving 09/27/16 - Fall is the proper planting time for woody ornamentals 07/12/16 - When no rain falls from above, providing water from below is the best method for plants 06/14/16 - Cattle drinking from farm ponds can hurt livestock, fish and shoreline 03/23/16 - Pollen counts help allergy sufferers manage symptoms 03/10/16 - There are no truly deer-resistant plants 03/10/16 - Plan before you plant for a successful summer vegetable garden 03/10/16 - Hoe and mulch to control weeds in home vegetable gardens 03/10/16 - Rabbits can be rascally foes in the garden 10/28/15 - Hay farmers attest to benefits of UGA forage testing lab 10/01/15 - Fall cleanup is important for disease control 09/24/15 - Tiny flies around fruit and vegetables are most likely fruit flies 05/28/15 - Reduce indoor water usage with tips from UGA Extension 05/21/15 - New law will require trailers have safety chains 05/14/15 - Thatch is the enemy of home lawns 03/10/15 - Plant cold-tolerant peas now 01/27/15 - UGA Extension provides tips on removing and preventing mold and mildew 01/14/15 - Recent rains leave some small grain, ryegrass fields lacking nitrogen 01/08/15 - Store bare roots in cold storage or temporary, outdoor spot 11/20/14 - Holiday lights are festive, but too many can overload power cords. 11/20/14 - Protect landscape plants from winter temperatures 11/06/14 - Margin Protection Program educational session for dairymen slated 10/29/14 - Lack of pasture grass may lead cattle to feed on dangerous green acorns 09/10/14 - Learn to grade home-harvested eggs 09/10/14 - Divide and transplant spring-flowering bulbs now 08/07/14 - Survey pasture weeds now, treat later 06/26/14 - Pesticides can be lethal if used inappropriately; always follow pesticide labels 06/18/14 - Once established, wildflowers add to landscape, feed beneficial pollinators 05/22/14 - Kill weeds now before they take over vegetable garden, landscape 04/01/14 - Use care when moving houseplants outside for the spring, summer 03/13/14 - Plant potatoes in the spring for harvest in the summer and fall 01/16/14 - Insulation helps keep homes warm in winter, cool in summer 01/02/14 - Dwarf varieties, proper planning help gardeners with limited space 11/07/13 - Impending cold weather could burst exposed water pipes 10/23/13 - Johnsongrass and frost can be bad combination for cattle 10/08/13 - Georgia producers will decide fate of proposed beef commission 10/02/13 - All hay is not created equal: using the Relative Forage Quality Index 09/25/13 - Electric fence is easy, economical way to confine animals 09/05/13 - Fall is the time to plant and transplant trees and shrubs 08/28/13 - Bats in the attic are the worst kind of uninvited houseguests 08/07/13 - Rains may bring powdery mildew to dogwoods 07/31/13 - Master Cattlemen's classes set for Jackson County 07/25/13 - Recent rainfalls create septic problems for some homeowners 06/24/13 - Rooting tomato suckers can provide great mid-season replacement plants, extend harvest 06/20/13 - Install the right plants and butterflies will flock to your garden 05/22/13 - Spring conditions ideal for deadly fungus in forage fescue 05/15/13 - Early detection and persistence are the key to defeating Japanese beetles 05/06/13 - Meeting set to help landowners control wild hog population. 05/02/13 - Dwarf varieties, vertical growing help gardeners grow vegetables in small spaces. 04/25/13 - Azalea bloom show is over so it's time to prune 04/15/13 - Plant trees and shrubs to attract birds to your landscape 03/27/13 - Shrubs with "wet feet" decline as a result 02/28/13 - Fruit-bearing plants and trees should wait a year to provide fruit 02/28/13 - Versatile, hardy hostas becoming a mainstay in Georgia landscapes 02/06/13 - Handle fuel safely for the benefit of the environment 01/16/13 - Prune neglected fruit trees carefully 01/10/13 - Residents in nine counties can dispose of old chemicals on Jan. 31 01/03/13 - Check with a consultant before planting specialty trees for profit 12/27/12 - Place mulch in landscapes to create natural areas 12/12/12 - Last minute gifts for the gardener in your life 11/21/12 - Don't let nagging leaf piles drive you to a hasty shredder or chipper purchase 11/01/12 - Fall is the perfect time to plant shade-providing trees 11/01/12 - Snapdragons add fall color and can withstand winter temperatures 10/10/12 - Public meeting set to discuss Georgia Ag Tax Exemption Program 10/04/12 - Clean garden, compost now for better garden later 09/26/12 - Shrubs and trees show subtle symptoms when they are sick 09/06/12 - Time to test your potting soil, toss your seeds 08/30/12 - Daylilies need fall attention to thrive in the spring 08/13/12 - Use hedges to define property lines and create privacy 07/02/12 - Thirsty plants and spider mites: Two reasons to pray for rain 06/12/12 - Farm estate planning workshop set 06/07/12 - Tomatoes can be picked at breaker stage or later 05/14/12 - Early blight arrives early on backyard tomato plants 05/03/12 - Weed covers turfgrass with snowy appearance 04/11/12 - Pollination is key to the success of many vegetable plants 04/05/12 - Prune azaleas to remove dead growth, disease 03/25/12 - Water thirsty trees with soak hoses, drip irrigation 03/22/12 - Pollen counts are important but can be confusing 03/15/12 - Azaleas need loving care to maintain their beauty 02/28/12 - Hanging gourd houses will attract martins 02/23/12 - Adding mulch to new plant material is essential 02/16/12 - Pampas grass is a large, plume-filled landscape addition 02/08/12 - Prune roses now for more blooms later 02/06/12 - Jumpstart a spring garden by growing transplants indoors 02/01/12 - IRS tax guide helps farmers plan for next tax season 01/25/12 - February is asparagus planting time 01/25/12 - Use separate chemical sprayers when using 2,4-D 01/17/12 - Dispose of excess and old chemicals safely 09/08/97 - Digital Imaging Will Speed Farm, Yard Plant Diagnoses