Published on 09/10/14

Learn to grade home-harvested eggs

A backyard flock ensures a steady supply of fresh eggs on the family dinner table. To sell those eggs, Georgia requires the eggs be evaluated by a certified grader and appropriately packaged and labeled in accordance with the Georgia Egg Law and Georgia Food Act.

Most people refer to an egg grader’s certificate as a “candling license.” To help backyard flock owners prepare to sell their eggs, the University of Georgia Extension offers egg-candling classes in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA).

The McDuffie County Extension is sponsoring a class on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the historic McDuffie County Courthouse at 337 Main St. in Thomson, Ga. Bradley Brown, GDA north district food safety manager, will teach the class in four sessions set to begin at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. Participants select which session they would like to attend.

The focus of the class is grading certification, but instructors will answer other questions participants have about selling eggs from their small flock. To sell home-harvested eggs to individuals or at a farmers market, the seller must hold an egg-candling certificate. To sell eggs to a grocery store, bakery or restaurant, the GDA Consumer Protection Division must license the seller’s facilities.

There is no charge to attend a two-hour session, but registration is required—call (770) 535-5955. Participants will receive study information prior to the class and are encouraged to read through the information carefully. For more information, call the GDA at (770) 535-5955 and ask for Brown or Tina Maples.

For directions to the class, contact the McDuffie County Extension Office at (706) 595-1815.

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