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Screen shot of Turfgrass Management iPhone application. Developed by Patrick McCullough July 2009. CAES News
Turfgrass Management
What is the coolest thing about the iPhone? Its applications. The phone can convert international currency, find a nearby five-star restaurant, help park your car and do much more. Thanks to some University of Georgia experts it now can help turfgrass managers diagnose and remedy turf problems.
Cleaning rainwater
From motor oil to bird droppings, pollutants have to go somewhere when it rains. Usually it’s a quick trip to a nearby stream, river or lake. But it doesn’t have to be.
Pine Pollen
With all the beauty of spring comes the nuisance of pollen. Pollen is the male part of a plant's life. It isn't good or bad. It's just there, in great volume, in the spring. Some people consider spring pollen season a bad time, especially if they are allergic to specific pollens.