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Canning extra produce can be a great way to stock up on vegetables that may otherwise go bad. Fulton County Extension agent Kisha Faulk also uses canning as a way to save money and get together with friends. CAES News
Beginner gardeners workshop
Beginning gardeners now have a reason to hone their green thumbs. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents in metro Atlanta will hold Garden to Table classes throughout the spring and summer to introduce Georgians to the joys and challenges of growing their own food.
University of Georgia horticulturist Bob Westerfield is shown harvesting string beans in a research garden plot on the UGA campus in Griffin, Ga. CAES News
Homegrown food
Growing food at home can be a refreshing and rewarding experience. But getting started can feel overwhelming.
Pansies come in a wide variety of colors - and shades, like this tricolor variety that has two colors along with its face color. CAES News
Edible ornamentals
Vegetables don’t have to just grow in gardens. Many can be part of your landscape, offering both color and aesthetic value and providing food.
Whether you are searching for pelleted seed, unique vegetables or hard-to-find flowers, seed catalogs are full of every kind of seed a gardener could imagine. CAES News
Picture perfect = proper plants
Many gardeners are already planning vegetable and flower gardens by looking longingly through plant and seed catalogs. Pictures of perfectly grown fruits and vegetables make gardeners anticipate their own bounty of beautiful, homegrown produce.
Spring is right around the corner, and so are spring flowers, summer vegetables and all the gardening these seasons bring. CAES News
2011 edition of the Spring Garden Packet
Summertime is right around the corner, and with it comes colorful flowers, tasty vegetables and leaf-chopping insects. We’re got articles and information to help you with your garden needs in the 36th edition of the Spring Garden Packet, produced by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
Tomato plants in pots at various sizes CAES News
Gardening classes
A series of free gardening classes offered by Spalding County Extension will be presented in February and March at the University of Georgia Research and Education Garden in Griffin, Ga.
As interest in local food continues to grow, more communities across Georgia have started farmers markets, like this one in Roswell. The University of Georgia's helping to meet the demand, too, with a certificate program in local food systems. CAES News
Local food systems
The University of Georgia hopes to bring gardening, fresh produce and nutritious food a little closer to the people who need it by first educating its students.
A garden hoe lies in a pile of fresh compost. CAES News
Gardener gifts
Newspapers are filled with holiday ads. Wrapping paper and decorations line department store shelves. The holiday will soon be here. If your gift-giving list includes a gardener, take some advice from a few of Georgia’s most experienced gardeners.
11 Grow gourds
With a variety of shapes and names like dipper, snake, apple, bottle and warted, gourds can add a fascinating aspect to a garden.