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Tomatoes are the stars of many home gardens. CAES News
Backyard tomato tactics
Few things in the garden seem to cause as much joy, heartbreak or anxiety as the fate of the summer’s backyard tomato harvest.
Fire ants scurry along a piece of wood CAES News
Fire ant invaders
Vegetable gardens and compost piles are usually located in the sunniest part of the landscape. Unfortunately, fire ants like sunshine, too. They often invade compost piles and vegetable gardens seeking food, warmth and moisture.
Photos of seeds available at a recent seed swap at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. CAES News
Heirloom seeds
Heirloom plant varieties introduce new crop diversity into gardens, but they also give gardeners a broader view of history and the lives of their ancestors.
Pea seedlings emerge from the soil CAES News
Vegetable seeds

This time of year is paradise for home vegetable gardeners, when the hard work of preparing garden beds is over and it is time to plant.

A vegetable garden in Butts Co., Ga. CAES News
Blooms need bees
When it comes to growing vegetables, sometimes having insects in the garden can be a good thing.
A vegetable garden in Butts Co., Ga. CAES News
Garden site
Choosing a garden site is one of the most important decisions any gardener will make.
Seed packets. CAES News
Start from seeds
Now is the time to browse seed catalogs and select the lucky winners that will find their home in your summer garden plot. Adventurous gardeners may want to try plants with improved characteristics like disease and drought tolerance, greater yield potential or other unique qualities.
Tomato plant with tomatoes in various stages of ripeness CAES News
Tomato pests
Caring for tomato plants can be hard work, but the taste of that first vine-ripened red tomato makes it all worthwhile. Seeing insects like hornworms and aphids devour the fruits of their labor can make home gardeners see red. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent Paul Pugliese offers tips for keeping the pests away.
UGA senior research scientist emertitus Carl Jodan leads students on a walking tour of his farm. CAES News
Organic summer
Winter may be a relatively quiet season for many farmers in the Georgia Piedmont, but not for Carl Jordan. Jordan, the founder of Spring Valley EcoFarms, is busy preparing for his summer-long course on organic agriculture at the University of Georgia.