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A redbud tree (cercis spp.) blooms during springtime on the UGA Griffin Campus CAES News
Buy the best
Now is one of the best times to plant new additions to landscapes. Planting during cooler months gives trees and shrubs a better chance of getting established before the heat of summer hits.
Fresh asparagus CAES News
Asparagus time
February is the best month for planting asparagus. Crowns not seed are used to establish asparagus, so check with area garden centers early in case the crowns need to be ordered.
A canteloupe grows on a vine in a central Georgia backyard garden. CAES News
Safer produce
Outbreaks of listeria monocytogenes are commonly linked to deli meats, hot dogs and soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk. Recent deaths and illnesses in the U.S. have added fresh cantaloupes from Colorado to that list.
Fulton Fresh Mobile Farmer's Market van CAES News
Fulton fresh
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents in Fulton County are heading up an effort to deliver fresh produce to areas of the county considered “food deserts,” or areas with poor access to affordable, healthy food.
Soil moisture conditions in the southern half of the state are generally at the fifth percentile, meaning the soils at the end of May would be wetter 95 out of 100 years. CAES News
Transplants or seeds?
My soil is really dry. Do I still follow my soil test recommendations? And, should I plant transplants or seeds in my fall garden? Clarke County Extension agent Amanda Tedrow answers these questions.
Collard greens grow in a garden in Butts Co., Ga. CAES News
Cold weather veggies
Now is the time for home gardeners to start preparing fall gardens of cool-season vegetables.
Fresh brown eggs from chickens raised by a Pike County, Ga., farmer. CAES News
Finding new markets
An empty storefront on the market square in downtown Zebulon, Ga., is being eyed as the place where local agricultural crop diversity meets entrepreneurial product creativity.
Joel Cooper, a resident at the Atlanta Mission, installs pepper plants in the mission's garden. CAES News
Growing skills and vegetables
Looking over the tomato, okra, cucumber, squash and pepper plants, Joel Cooper is proud. The 46-year-old recovering addict is happy, too, to get his life back on track and for the opportunity to help others like him eat and live a little better. Cooper, and the other men who rely on the Atlanta Mission for food, will soon be eating fresh produce they’ve grown at the place they call their temporary home.
TSWV on unripe tomatoes CAES News
Tomato growing can be a challenging hobby
Growing tomatoes is a popular hobby for many home gardeners. It has been difficult to grow tomatoes during the past several years in Georgia because of factors like extreme temperatures, dry conditions, tomato spotted wilt virus and blossom-end rot diseases.