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A group of truffles are shown next to pecans in an orchard. CAES News
Truffles used in gourmet food industry
Prized by chefs and foodies, pecan grove truffles have long been the secret jewels of Georgia’s pecan orchards. However, new research and truffle searching methods may soon bring the fungal delicacy to more Georgia tables.
UGA Food Science and Technology Professor Ron Pegg is one of three UGA faculty members who will receive the 2013 Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the university's highest early career teaching honor. CAES News
Ronn Pegg wins top teaching award
Ron Pegg’s students know him as one of the only food science professors to still require his students to use blue books during exams. However, his colleagues have come to know him as an instructor who is breaking new ground in food science instruction at the University of Georgia.
The 2013 Ag to Port Ag Forecast will focus on Georgia's agricultural exports. CAES News
Farm to port
As emerging international markets for Georgia agricultural products continue to grow, Georgia farmers need to be aware of the impacts the global marketplace can have on their bottom line. This year, in recognition of the growing importance of the global marketplace to Georgia farmers, Georgia Department of Economic Development Director of International Trade Kathe Falls will deliver the keynote talks at the 2013 Ag Forecast series. The Farm-to-Port Ag Forecast will be held in locations across the state Jan. 25 to Feb. 1.
cracked pecans CAES News
Plentiful pecans
Despite a bumper crop of high-quality pecans this year, Georgia’s growers will probably make fewer profits from their harvest. However, consumers can expect to pay about the same price for the tree nuts as they did last fall.
cracked pecans CAES News
Pecan research
The pecan, a Georgia crop staple, packs a much higher antioxidant punch than its nut-cousin the almond. But what the little-known nut is high in is overshadowed by what it’s low in—research, marketing and consumer data.
Pecans are known to be the healthiest of all tree nuts, packing more antioxidants than any other. What isn't so certain is how the heck do you correctly pronounce it? Is it "pee-can" or "pe-cahn"? CAES News
In the Field: Pee-can vs. Pu-cahn (video)
Pecans are known to be the healthiest of all tree nuts, packing more antioxidants than any other. What isn’t so certain is how the heck do you correctly pronounce it? Is it “pee-can” or “pu-cahn”?
Pecans are harvested Oct. 1 in Crisp County, Ga. This year is an 'on' year for Georgia, where 90 million pounds to 100 million pounds will be harvested. The poundage is no record, but the prices are, bringing as much as $3 or more per pound for growers. This could push the crop's value to more than $300 million, or $100 million more than in any year prior. CAES News
Valuable nut
Georgia is the No. 1 pecan-producing state in the country, and growers there are harvesting what could be the most valuable pecan crop in its history.
A young visitor to the UGA Pavilion at the 2011 Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga., Oct. 19 learns about giant cockroaches. CAES News
Expo weathers on
Despite an uncomfortable mix of wet, cold and windy weather, North America’s premier farm show, the Sunbelt Ag Expo, marched on this week in Moultrie, Ga. More than 70,000 visitors perused the wears of 1,200 vendors, a North Carolina farmer was tapped as the Southeast’s top and land-grant universities brought their messages to the masses.
Green pecans grow on a tree in South Georgia. CAES News
Dry orchards
Drought continues to suppress Georgia agriculture, particularly in southwest Georgia, the hub of the state’s pecan production. It could turn what was expected to be an “on” year into an “off” one for pecan growers.