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Snow coats leaves in March 2009 in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Protect plants
Don’t box up those old Christmas tree lights just yet. Along with old blankets, quilts and cardboard boxes, they could be the key to keeping tender plants from freezing this winter.
Leyland Cypress trees growing on a Christmas Tree Farm in Nicholson, GA. 7 G's Tree Farm. 
11-11-09 CAES News
Christmas Tree
Many Georgians remember hiking into nearby woods as children to chop down that most iconic of all holiday decorations: the family Christmas tree. These days, a suitable one is less likely found in the backyard. But the experience can still be found, along with that perfect tree, among the acreage at a choose-and-cut tree farm.
Pine Pollen
With all the beauty of spring comes the nuisance of pollen. Pollen is the male part of a plant's life. It isn't good or bad. It's just there, in great volume, in the spring. Some people consider spring pollen season a bad time, especially if they are allergic to specific pollens.