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A redbud tree (cercis spp.) blooms during springtime on the UGA Griffin Campus CAES News
Winter pruning
January and February are ideal months for pruning overgrown trees and shrubs. However, avoid pruning shrubs and trees that flower in the spring like dogwoods, azaleas and native hydrangeas.
A Georgia Master Gardener trims a shrub in the University of Georgia Research and Education Garden in Griffin, Ga. CAES News
Pruning 101
Learn how to properly prune ornamentals at an upcoming University of Georgia course offered on its campus in Griffin, Ga. The one-day course will be offered Feb. 15 and Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the UGA Research and Education Garden on Ellis Road.
Pears hang from a tree in a middle Georgia home landscape. CAES News
Prune carefully
The purchase of a home or old farmstead often comes with a landscape that includes fruit trees. These trees are often aesthetically pleasing due to the beauty of the natural rounded crown shape that has developed over several years.
The bark of a black walnut tree CAES News
Money trees?
From time to time national news services pick up articles about someone who sold one walnut tree for thousands of dollars. This may stimulate the imagination of those who have large walnut trees in their landscape. These articles usually fail to mention that the tree was near a high quality hardwood veneer operation and had many burls that produce the most valuable veneer. The tree owner probably also guaranteed that there was no metal in the tree. No one living in Georgia can replicate this scenario.
Christmas tree grower Earl Worthington points to the grafting point where he joined a Fraser fir shoot to Momi fir rootstock. CAES News
Momi-Fraser fir
Fraser firs top the list of favorite Christmas tree varieties, but almost all the Fraser firs sold in Georgia come from North Carolina. One University of Georgia horticulturist is working to change that by popularizing a hybrid that combines Fraser firs with their Japanese cousins — Momi firs.
Yellow leaves on a tree in the fall of the year CAES News
Fall leaves
Many people enjoy the beautiful colors that mark the beginning of fall, but the reason why the leaves put on this show and start falling from the trees is often overlooked or misunderstood.
A red maple tree blooms on the campus of the University of Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center in Blairsville, Ga. CAES News
Adding shade
The glaring summer heat may have you convinced to add more shade to your landscape. Fall is the perfect time to plant trees to create that needed shade.
A twig girdler chews on a branch. CAES News
Twig munchers
If something appears to be chewing off the ends of tree branches in your landscape, that something is most likely a twig girdler.
Moss and lichens grow on the base of a redbud tree on the University of Georgia campus in Griffin, Ga. CAES News
Shrub and tree health
Sometimes what looks like s serious problem for a plant’s health is not. Other times a little leaf discoloration could be a sign of major problems.