Published on 02/08/18

UGA Extension teams up with Georgia Saves to spark a lifelong savings habit

By Christina Conner

Students in Georgia’s elementary and middle schools are invited to compete in Georgia Saves’ second annual Make Your Own Piggy Bank Contest.

To enter, students must join the Georgia Saves campaign and submit a video that explains how they created the bank, what materials they used, and how the bank will help them reach their savings goals. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2018.

“The piggy bank contest introduces children to saving. Participants join the Georgia Saves campaign to receive timely tips to encourage and promote savings,” said Michael Rupured, contest coordinator and University of Georgia Cooperative Extension financial management specialist.

There’s even a cash prize to help winners get a head start on saving. The elementary school winner will receive a $50 gift card and the middle school winner will receive a $100 gift card.

“Most people are spenders because becoming a saver takes practice, time and a lot of encouragement. The earlier a person learns to save, the more likely that person is to remain a saver into adulthood,” Rupured said.

Rules to enter the contest include:

  1. The finished piggy bank should be no larger than 12 inches long by 12 inches wide by 12 inches high, or 1 square foot.
  2. Banks must be created and decorated by the contestant with little to no adult assistance.
  3. There are no team submissions, and only one entry is permitted per person.
  4. The piggy bank must include a way to get money in and out without destroying the bank.
  5. Students may use any medium they'd like to construct the bank including, but not limited to, Legos, wood, paper, cardboard and recycled containers.
  6. Students may decorate the space around their banks as well, but the finished submission must stay within the 1-square-foot size limitation.
  7. Students must be Georgia residents to participate.

Students may enter by visiting and following the instructions posted on the website.

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