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Safe foods
A recent report in the journal Pediatrics suggests a possible link between organophosphate pesticides and increased risk of children developing attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The report has some parents wondering if they should stay away from the produce aisle in the grocery store. University of Georgia experts say to learn the facts, thoroughly clean all produce and feed healthful fruits and vegetables to children.
UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Science student Claire Stace, a poultry science major, holds a hissing cockroach. Original taken Tuesday, May, 19, 2009, in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Bug camp set
Elementary and middle school students can spend a week studying insects through the University of Georgia Bug Camp.
Uneven watering can cause fruit split, as can a combination of low temperature and slow to fast growth due to changing environmental conditions and increased nitrogen application. Split starts small, getting progressively larger as fruit size increases. CAES News
Veggie problems
There is nothing more frustrating than planting a vegetable garden and not producing a substantial crop. Numerous problems can contribute to low yields, but, fortunately, most of them can be avoided.
A mole cricket killer wasp stings a mole cricket. CAES News
Cricket killer
Every spring as lawns start to green up, lawn perfectionists begin their vigilant watch for the onslaught of pests waiting for fresh dinner. Along with pests like armyworms and grubs, mole crickets cause significant damage to southeastern lawns.
Butterfly Weed is a native herbaceous perennial that attracts butterflies like magnets with its florescent orange blooms. CAES News
Spring gardening
Welcome to the 35th annual Spring Garden Packet from the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Written by CAES faculty, editors and graduate and undergraduate students, these articles are provided to help you with timely, valuable statewide gardening information.
One pair of house flies can result in over a thousand maggots. CAES News
15 Houseflies
There are more than 120,000 species of flies in the world. But when most people hear "fly," they think of the housefly. Wherever people are found, houseflies are there, too.
House centipede CAES News
16 house centipedes
If you don't mind alien-looking creatures skittering around your home, house centipedes are handy things to have around.
Lady beetles CAES News
Indoor beetles
Lady beetles have long been viewed as good bugs. Most people aren't scared of them, and very few want to kill them with insect spray. But that's quickly changing.
Ticks by size CAES News
Avoid Lyme disease
Treat yourself and your clothes before heading out on a hike, and you won't come home with ticks and Lyme disease.