Published on 12/17/21

Innovation Lab works to put peanut production in multiple languages

By Allison Floyd

The Peanut Innovation Lab, partnering with SAWBO, recently made two animated videos about groundnut production in Southern Africa available in Portuguese. The translation comes as the lab works with Farmer to Farmer to train farmers in Mozambique, as well as in Malawi and Zambia.

The videos, each around 5 minutes long, were made in 2020 to help relay and reinforce good agronomic practices for farmers growing groundnuts, particularly in Malawi where the lab works with the Malawi Agricultural Diversification Activity (or AgDiv).

The lab also translated two courses in the Groundnut Academy – the digital platform for courses about peanut – into Portuguese to make the material more accessible to trainers in Mozambique.

Extension professionals in partner countries consistently say that offering materials in different languages – particularly local languages – helps farmers to connect with the materials.

The innovation lab works to translate graphics and manuals into various languages. Check out some of the materials available in the Peanut Innovation Lab archives:


Groundnut production from planting to harvest

In Dagbani: Sima kobu = Biribu m mali naa ti chehi

In Twi: Nkatez ne dua kosi ne tuo



A Guide to Peanut Production on the Rupununi Savannas

In Creole: Gid pou Pwodiksyon Pistach nan Savann Rupununi



Haiti Peanut Research Report

In French: Rapport de recherches sur l’arachide en Haïti



Guide to Groundnut Production in Malawi



Groundnut Production Guide for Uganda: Recommended Practices for Farmers (produced by NARO)



Zambia Agriculture Research Institute Groundnut Variety Descriptor (produced by ZARI)


The innovation lab makes infographics available in dozens of languages, translating them whenever a partner has an interest need.

One Handful graphic in 15 languages

Controlling Aflatoxin in 11 languages

Impactful Peanuts in 8 languages


Allison Floyd is the PR coordinator for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut, which is headquartered at UGA.

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