Published on 10/14/19

Meet the University of Georgia Tifton campus student ambassadors

By Maria Sellers

The University of Georgia Tifton campus has 11 student ambassadors who are representing the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The students who serve as ambassadors, their class years, majors and hometowns are:

  • Ethan Cobb, senior, agribusiness, Lavonia, Georgia;
  • Lauren Dubberly, senior, agriscience and environmental systems, Statesboro, Georgia
  • Nicole Taylor, senior, agriculture education, Tifton, Georgia;
  • Makenzie Cioffi, senior, agriculture education, Augusta, Georgia;
  • Shelby Sangster, senior, agriscience and environmental systems, Pineview, Georgia;
  • Josh Thrift, senior, agriculture education, Alma, Georgia;
  • Lindsey Stone, senior, agriculture education, Lakeland, Georgia;
  • Marlyn Grantham, junior, agriculture education, Columbus, Georgia;
  • Makenna Mabrey, junior, agriculture education, Baldwin, Georgia;
  • Mary Mikelyn Bruorton, junior, agribusiness, Homerville, Georgia;
  • Kameron Landeen, junior, agriscience and environmental systems, Colquitt, Georgia.

UGA CAES ambassadors are student leaders who network and meet new people, including university leaders, agriculture professionals and future students, at various events throughout the year.

“The ambassador program is an opportunity to develop a professional network and leadership skills, as well as recruit for the campus,” said Katie Murray, student recruiter at UGA-Tifton and coordinator of the Tifton ambassador program.

For Ethan Cobb, the most important part of being an ambassador is educating potential students about the benefits of attending UGA.

“Being an ambassador means I can represent this great university and the Tifton campus to the best of my ability by educating the public on what our college has to offer,” said Cobb.

The ability to interact with and meet new people is what led Cobb to apply for the ambassador program shortly after transferring to UGA from ABAC.

“I love talking to prospective students, getting to share my story on how I got here and hopefully making that connection with them in some way,” he said.

For Mary Mikelyn Bruorton, being an ambassador means gaining professional experience, which has quickly turned her favorite part of the program.

“It has allowed me to gain more opportunities within the agricultural industry and learn more about that industry,” said Bruorton.

Along with networking, ambassadors attend many recruitment events, such as UGA ShowCAES,  the state FFA convention, the Georgia National Fair, and the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition.

Students interested in becoming ambassadors apply and go through an interview process.

“I look for those who are already leaders on campus, the ones who are leading their classes and able to interact well with others,” said Murray.  

For more details about the requirements of serving as a campus ambassador, visit

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