Published on 09/11/19

UGA CAES launches fourth semester of Live from the Lab

By Merritt Melancon

Back for its fourth semester, the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' Live from the Lab series will be taking Georgians back inside the college's labs to talk to world-class researchers about their work.

In this series of Facebook Live broadcasts, UGA CAES’ Live from the Lab will introduce the public to 4 researchers in disciplines from across the college. 

During the broadcasts, the scientists will talk about the nuts and bolts of their labs, how they got started and possible real-world applications of their research. 

So stay tuned to and get your science questions ready. 

The complete schedule is below.  

  • Friday, Sept. 20, 1 p.m. — Becky Griffin

UGA Cooperative Extension School and Community Coordinator Becky Griffin doesn't have a lab, per se, but this August she worked with citizen scientists across the state to perform a first-of-its-kind research project — the Great Georgia Pollinator Census. We’ll learn about some of the preliminary findings of the census and discuss the future of citizen science in pollinator conservation.

  • Friday, Oct. 11, 10 a.m. — Brian Kvitko

From short-term sniffles to full-on sickness, the beginning of fall can mean the beginning of the cold and flu season. We know that our bodies’ immune systems help defend us against invading germs and viruses, but did you know that plants have immune systems too? Brian Kvitko of the Department of Plant Pathology studies plants’ responses to invading bacteria and the mechanisms that fend them off.

  • Friday, Nov. 8, 10 a.m. — Alex Stelzleni

What makes a great steak different from a sad, stringy hunk of beef? How can we help beef producers become more profitable? How can we make meat products safer for the consumer? There's more to meat than meets the eye, and Alex Stelzleni of the Department of Animal and Dairy Science is ready to share its secrets. Stelzleni, who comes from a family of butchers, has studied the relationship between beef cattle production and meat quality, flavor and the other factors that impact great steak.

  • Friday, Dec. 6, 10 a.m. — Todd Callaway

The digestive tract of a cow is home to a diverse population of bacteria and microbes representing about 4,000 different species. There are good guys. There are bad guys. Todd Callaway of the Department of Animal and Dairy Science studies how a cow’s microbiome can impact the safety of our food supply and help control human disease outbreaks.

For more information about the series, visit and look under events.

Merritt Melancon is a public relations manager with UGA's Terry College of Business and previously served as a public relations coordinator for the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and UGA Extension.

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