Published on 08/21/19

UGA hosts poultry workshops for egg and broiler producers in September

By Chad Cain

The poultry industry has a huge impact on the economy in Georgia, and University of Georgia Cooperative Extension specialists are committed to helping the commercial poultry industry stay up to date on the most current problems and trends.

The UGA Department of Poultry Science will host the 2019 Georgia Layer Conference on Monday, Sept. 23, followed by the 2019 Georgia Broiler Conference on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Bruce Webster, professor and Extension poultry specialist in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), organizes the Georgia Layer Conference, which will be held at the Georgia Poultry Lab in Gainesville.

“It’s an educational program where we provide various updates and topics that we think are interesting and timely to the needs of the layer industry,” Webster said. “We offer these presentations annually for leaders of the industry and individuals who are responsible for the direct management of the flocks, such as production managers, service technicians and flock owners.”

This year the talks will focus on water quality, water systems in poultry houses, ectoparasites in alternative housing systems, coccidia control in layers, false layer syndrome, biosecurity audits and lighting sources for layer facilities. Additionally, Chad Gregory, president and CEO of the United Egg Producers, will present his thoughts on the future of the egg industry.

Brian Fairchild, professor and Extension poultry scientist at CAES, organizes the annual Georgia Broiler Conference, which will be held at the Oconee County Civic Center in Watkinsville.

“It’s an opportunity to hear speakers speak on topics that are of importance to the industry,” Fairchild said. “We want to provide the latest information on current trends and issues that broiler growers and companies are facing now and in the future.”

Topics for the broiler conference will include an update on health issues from the Georgia Poultry Laboratory, current applications of robotics for housing, breast meat myopathies, and interventions and moisture control in poultry housing.

In addition, Mike Giles, president of the Georgia Poultry Federation, will present an update at both conferences on the federation's current activities as well as issues the industry may encounter over the next three to five years.

Program brochures for the conferences can be found on the UGA Poultry Science webpage. Those interested in attending can register online for the Georgia Layer Conference or the Georgia Broiler Conference. Preregistration ends Sept. 20.

Chad Cain is a student writer for the CAES Office of Communications and Creative Services.

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