Published on 02/09/00

Georgia 4-H Benefit Horse Auction Slated

"Going once, going twice, SOLD to benefit the Georgia 4-H Horse program."

For the past five years those words have rung out from the Junior National Livestock Expo, earning the University of Georgia 4-H program more than $60,000. This year, the sixth annual Georgia 4-H Horse Benefit Auction will be in Perry Feb. 26 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

"The auction was the brainchild of the Georgia Farm Bureau Equine Commodity Committee and specialists with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences," said Laura Perry Johnson, Georgia 4-H livestock specialist.

"Throughout the year we solicit donations of horses for the February auction," Johnson said. "We also have a silent auction for tack and horse-related equipment and clothing."

This year's auction will feature at least 13 horses.

Proceeds Help in Many Ways

The money from the auction goes into the Georgia 4-H horse program. The proceeds will:

  • Help offset participants' costs in the annual horse school.
  • Keep prices down for the annual horse show.
  • Fund the national 4-H horse quiz bowl trip for Georgia's state winning team.
  • Help UGA equine research efforts.
Laura Perry Johnson is a state 4-H specialist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.