Published on 12/03/99

'County Guide' Answers Questions

Where could you find out which counties lead in arrests, child abuse, disabilities, timberland, government employees, per capita income and retail sales? Those tantalizing facts, and many more, have just been released in the 18th edition of the Georgia County Guide.

The guide is a source of demographic and economic data to help communities, educators, leaders and businesses plan for the future. The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences produced the guide, in cooperation with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

"The Georgia County Guide contains 89 data tables, several maps and graphs of agricultural, educational, economic and demographic facts for Georgia's 159 counties," says Sue Boatright. She is with the Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, and co-editor of the Guide, along with Doug Bachtel, a rural sociologist.

The data comes from 16 federal and 32 state agency units and four private companies.

Tracking Growth

Over the years, the guide has tracked the state's accelerated growth, worker migrations, low unemployment, cost of living and agricultural production.

"Since 1990, the number of residents has increased by 1.2 million," Boatright says. "Georgia is the fourth fastest growing state. This 18 percent growth rate has also triggered a boom in home building and other changes.

"As farm land is converted to residential and industrial use, communities must be involved in ongoing planning for changing patterns of land use," she says. "Infrastructure such as utilities, transportation and day care to support quickly changing household demographics must be a top priority. The County Guide helps community leaders make those decisions."

A Windows-operated database is also available. The user can export data, print graphs, county and state profiles, and perform data analyses.

Order Now

To order your copy of the 1999 Georgia County Guide, send a check for $15 for the book or $90 for the database, made out to the Georgia County Guide. Send it to the Ag Business Office, 203 Conner Hall, the University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-7506. Shipping, handling and sales tax are included in the cost. Telephone orders are not accepted, all orders must be prepaid and payment must accompany purchase orders.