Published on 07/15/99

'Walk Through Butterfly Garden' in Griffin July 27

You can't plant a butterfly. You can, however, grow plants that will attract and feed caterpillars and the butterflies they turn into.

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Paul Thomas

And you can learn exactly which plants will do that as you stroll with horticulturist Paul Thomas through the butterfly garden on the University of Georgia's Griffin, Ga., campus.

"A Walk Through the Butterfly Garden" will be a special feature of the UGA Research & Education Garden July 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Thomas, an Extension Service floriculturist and associate professor of horticulture at UGA, has written more than 100 publications, including many on butterfly gardening.

Preregistration by July 23 is required. To sign up, send a $5 check payable to the Research & Education Garden to Susan Varlamoff, Research & Education Garden, 1109 Experiment St., Griffin, GA 30223.

The event is the second in the 1999 Garden Workshop Series hosted by the Research and Education Garden, a unique 65-acre facility on the Griffin campus of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. For directions, call (770) 229-3367.

Susan Varlamoff is director of the Office of Environmental Sciences of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.