Published on 07/17/14

Blog is a new UGA resource for Georgia community gardeners

By Becky Griffin

A new online blog has been created to help connect Georgia community gardeners with resources from University of Georgia Extension and The Center for Urban Agriculture.

The new UGA Community Garden Blog is located at UGA experts, local gardening celebrities and experienced gardeners, maintain blog posts that are published weekly. Subscribing is free.

Science based information

Recent post titles include Composting in the Garden, Growing Popcorn and How to Correctly Plant a Tomato. The blog’s subject matter varies and includes a list of upcoming classes.

The blog weaves together the latest science with learned experience from veteran gardeners to address the issues community gardeners face.

Both beginning and advanced gardeners will benefit from the blog’s listing of upcoming garden workshop and events and updates on current pest and disease control issues, control options, sustainable gardening practices and plant selection.

How to plant and what to plant

Tips on crop rotation, succession planting and crop variety selection will be imperative to maximizing production in the small spaces usually set aside for community gardens.

In addition to the nuts and bolts of keeping plants alive, blog authors will also help gardeners establish guidelines concerning garden etiquette and management — including ways to address issues like setting garden dues, deciding how water will be provided and used, deciding what types of pesticides can be used and what happens if someone does not care for their plot or doesn’t harvest their food. Questions like these should be addressed at the beginning of a garden project before problems occur.

Growing relationships, too

Experts will also give advice on building a sense of camaraderie and community around a garden by providing garden seating, occasional classes and ice cream socials or watermelon cuttings.

The UGA Community Gardening Blog also provides gardeners with a window into what other gardeners are doing. The blog will occasionally highlight a specific garden, show photos of the layout and interview members. Gardens are as unique as the communities they serve and the blog will profile how garden groups organize their space.

For more information on the blog, contact Becky Griffin at or visit and sign up to receive the blog at

Becky Griffin is a community and school garden coordinator with UGA Extension.

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