Published on 02/18/14

Kroger Plus Cards help earn funds for Georgia 4-H program

By Sharon Dowdy

Kroger customers can now help support Georgia 4-H simply by buying groceries at one of the retailer’s 171 stores across the state.

Like many grocery chains, Kroger rewards shoppers who purchase groceries and fill prescriptions with discounts on fuel purchases. Kroger also donates to a number of schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations when shoppers register their institution of choice through the company’s community rewards program.

Just register your card

Georgia 4-H is one of about 200 groups supported through the program. To help the state’s largest youth development organization, register your Kroger Plus Card at and select the Georgia 4-H Club Foundation (77588) through the community rewards program.

“This takes no points away from your gas credits and Georgia 4-H will receive a check every quarter through the program,” said Mary Ann Parson, executive director of the Georgia 4-H Foundation. “We will get a share of three quarters of a million dollars Kroger has allotted for this program. It’s about five percent of each purchase.”

Kroger customers funded 4-H cabin

Kroger is one of many companies that have helped support Georgia 4-H over the years, but Kroger was the first corporate partner in the Rock Eagle 4-H Center Cabin Campaign. Kroger customers raised nearly $250,000 to help build new cabins by purchasing paper cabin replicas for $1 from their local Kroger stores.

This project funded the Kroger Customers Cabin that was dedicated in September 2010 and is now one of 11 newly constructed cabins at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. Five new cabins are currently under construction and construction will begin soon on 6 more. By June, 16 new cabins should be ready for Georgia 4-H’ers who attend summer camp at the center.

The center’s original cabins were designed in the 1950s and renovated in the late 1980s. They have housed more than 3 million 4-H and adult visitors to the center.

The new cabins can accommodate 22 people in six bedrooms, each with a private bath. One bedroom has two single beds and is designed as the adult chaperone room. The new cabin design also includes a large common area, wireless Internet access and four vanity areas in each bedroom.

To find the Kroger store nearest you, visit To learn more Georgia 4-H fundraising projects, visit

Sharon Dowdy is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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