Published on 07/04/13

UGA Extension helps families make the most of every school year

By Judy Ashley

Through Cooperative Extension offices in almost every county, the University of Georgia helps Georgians become healthier, more financially independent and more environmentally responsible.

Congress established the Cooperative Extension Service in 1914 to deliver information from land-grant colleges and universities to all Americans. UGA Extension continues to fulfill that basic mission, and one of the most important parts is helping our schools improve student achievement.

UGA Extension is an educational network that combines the expertise and resources of federal, state and local governments to improve people's lives. We extend the reach of the University of Georgia to connect you with knowledge, research and resources in the areas of youth, family and agricultural needs.

Whether you’d like to build a safer environment for your children, deal with the stresses of daily school life, teach your children how to avoid chronic diseases like diabetes with healthy food or train food handlers in your cafeteria, UGA Extension is the place to start.

In this day and time of information overload and easy access to the Internet, you should always remember to fact-check sources. As UGA Extension professionals, we are required to base our solutions to client issues on proven research, not home remedies and hearsay.

Whether recommending the safest method possible to control fire ants, or showing homeowners how to test their home for radon, you can trust our information.

Also, UGA Extension agents around the state have recently been trained and given resources to assist your school in Farm to School efforts. You can find more information on this topic included in this packet.

And when it comes to your child, the Georgia 4-H program is the place to go to find caring adults to help your child develop his or her leadership potential.

Judy Ashley is the University of Georgia county Extension coordinator in Walton County.