Published on 04/08/13

UGA class will update professionals on mosquito control

The University of Georgia will offer a mosquito control update and recertification class on Tuesday, April 23 on the campus in Griffin, Ga.

The class will be held from 9 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. in the Stuckey Building. Registration is $50 until April 15, which is when the fee goes to $60.

Entomologists from the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Georgia Department of Health will teach the class along with professionals from the pest control industry and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Topics for the day will include insecticide mode of action, integrated pest management and mosquito biology, surveillance and control.

Certified applicators can earn five hours of Georgia Commercial Pesticide Credit in category 41 (mosquito control) or category 31 (public health) for attending the class. A one-hour review of the mosquito control manual will be offered for those wishing to take the category 41 exam.

The mosquito update and recertification training is sponsored by the Spalding County office of UGA Extension and the UGA Griffin campus Office of Continuing Education. For a complete schedule, visit the website To register or for more information, call (770) 229-3477 or send an email to

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