Published on 08/24/11

Websites help with storm preparedness

By April Reese Sorrow

For information to prepare for severe weather, look into these online resources. is a federal website with an enormous volume of disaster preparedness information. Here is the link to their section on hurricane preparedness:

Georgia is a member of the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN), a national organization dedicated to providing educational materials for disaster preparation and recovery. Visit the EDEN homepage for more information at Visit the EDEN page on resources for hurricane preparation at

Weather Underground is a weather blog with storm surge maps for the Georgia coast showing the predicted flooding from a hurricane landfall in Georgia at

The Home Emergency Preparedness Handbook from UGA Cooperative Extension is available at

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has a booklet called "A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety – Severe Storms & Hurricanes." This booklet helps people prepare ahead of time to keep food and water safe and provides charts for what to keep and what to discard after the storm. It can be downloaded at

April R. Sorrow is a science writer with the University of Georgia Public Affairs Office.

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