Published on 10/07/10

College gives 2010 D.W. Brooks Awards

By Stephanie Schupska

Five University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty members were awarded the highest honor the college bestows on Tuesday, Oct. 5 in Athens, Ga., at the annual D.W. Brooks Lecture and Faculty Awards for Excellence.

The program is named in honor of Gold Kist Inc. founder D.W. Brooks. A CAES alumnus, Brooks advised seven U.S. presidents on agriculture and trade issues. He was the youngest professor at UGA (he started teaching agronomy when he was 19) and one of the oldest, still lecturing into his late 90s.

Brooks’ dedication to agriculture continues to live on through the awards, and the company he founded lives on under the name Pilgrim’s Pride, which purchased Gold Kist in 2007.

The 2010 award winners were Ignacy Misztal, for excellence in research; T. Dean Pringle, teaching; Eric Prostko, extension; Joann Milam, public service extension; and Yao-wen Huang, global programs.

“This college is both a local and national powerhouse,” said Scott Angle, CAES dean and director. “While a team effort, it is ultimately the quality of our faculty and staff that make this college great. Our D.W. Brooks winners today represent the best of the college, and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments.”

Ignacy Misztal, research

Misztal, an animal and dairy scientist and professor, is best known for research on computing algorithms in animal breeding. His methodologies are used for research and genetic evaluation by numerous organizations. Misztal has conducted research across animal species, and his work is sponsored by major dairy, beef, and pig organizations.

He has written 146 journal papers and more than 200 other publications. Misztal is also a popular speaker and teacher and has given presentations in 28 countries and taught short courses on six continents. He regularly teaches classes in mixed models, computing in animal breeding and advanced animal breeding.

T. Dean Pringle, teaching

Pringle, also an animal and dairy science professor, serves as co-undergraduate coordinator for his department. He began teaching in 1995 and has instructed more than 1,700 students. He coordinates the departmental internship program and advises graduate students and about 100 undergraduates each semester.

His research focuses on developing and assessing critical thinking skills in animal and dairy science undergraduate students and understanding factors that influence student engagement. Pringle also studies beef and swine meat quality and works to enhance consumer acceptability through improvements in meat tenderness and carcass composition.

Eric Prostko, extension

Prostko, a UGA Cooperative Extension weed specialist, is responsible for statewide weed science programs in field corn, peanut, soybean, sunflower, grain sorghum and canola. Since 2000, he has provided 54 in-service training programs for Georgia extension agents and has made educational presentations at 367 crop production meetings.

Additionally, Prostko was one of the first extension specialists to formally develop an Internet-based training program for county agents. He has made more than 128 invited extension presentations to allied agricultural industry groups like BASF, Syngenta, Southern States, Valent, Georgia Crop Production Alliance, Southern Peanut Farmers Federation and the Mississippi Weed Science Society.

Joann Milam, public service extension

Milam, an extension agent in Washington County, has planned and conducted issue-driven programs in family and consumer sciences for the past 11 years. Her educational programs are often the only training on chronic disease and nutrition, parenting, food safety, child care training and financial management the residents in the rural counties receive. She has reached nearly 600 clients through a 5-hour diabetes education and management program.

In 2009, she presented her programming efforts in diabetes at the Fifth Annual Health and Obesity Conference in the United Kingdom. She has written or co-written grants and proposals that have generated more than $800,000 in funding. She is also responsible for saving her clients more than $327,000.

Yao-wen Huang, global programs

Huang is an internationally-known scholar in the areas of food safety, microbiology and new food product development. In 1982, his international activities began with his appointment to the UGA Marine Extension Service. He was the first scientist to use rapid processing technology to convert the cannonball jellyfish, a south Atlantic nuisance, into a value-added edible product.

After joining CAES, he continued to provide assistance in seafood safety and processing technology to developing countries like China, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico and Egypt. He has served as major professor for many international students and visiting scholars, and helped establish partnerships between UGA and foreign institutions.

CAES staff and faculty members were also recognized at the award ceremony. Scott Gold received the faculty award for diversity and staff member Kisha Shelton and MANNRS (student organization) were also recognized for diversity efforts.

Stephanie Schupska is the communications coordinator with the University of Georgia Honors College.

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