Published on 05/13/10

High schooler designs UGA GreenWay website logo

By Stephanie Schupska

Eighteen high school students recently put pen to paper and mouse to design programs to create the best logo for the new UGA GreenWay website. And the winner was Tracey Pu, a 10th grader at Oconee County High School.

Students from Clarke and Oconee counties submitted their best visual ideas for the site, said University of Georgia Cooperative Extension housing specialist Pamela Turner, who is also an assistant professor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“We were impressed with the quality of work that they came up with,” she said. “And, we were excited about the new face of the website and being able to use local talent.”

Pu won $50 for her design, which will be displayed on the UGA GreenWay website and in other publications promoting the site. The logo features three green sprouts with a ladybug resting on one of them.

“When I thought of green, I immediately thought of leaves and things growing,” she said. “The idea of making things in three is always a solid concept, so that’s why there are three sprouts.”

Pu is glad to be able to share her artwork and feels accomplished seeing in on a UGA website. But, she doesn’t plan to pursue a career in graphic design. She’d like to go into the medical field but keep design as a “long-term hobby.“

Susan Burger, Pu’s teacher, enjoyed “real-world experience” aspect of the contest. “This type of program gives them deadlines, makes them think about producing and marketing their designs and actually gets them into the mindset of selling their products,” Burger said.

The runner-up in the design competition was Victoria Geisler, a 12th grader at Oconee County High School.

Turner and her colleagues Sharon Gibson and Joan Koonce, also Cooperative Extension specialists, developed UGA GreenWay to give Georgians a website where they can find research-based information on environmental topics. The resources offered through the site come through UGA Cooperative Extension.

“What makes our green site different is that we’re only providing information from reliable sources,” Turner said.

Topics on the site range from saving money by going green to learning how to choose environmentally-friendly alternatives for the home.

For more information on the site, visit Pu’s design will be integrated into the UGA GreenWay web page this month.

Reporting by Stephen Bailey, a graduate research assistant for family and consumer science in UGA Cooperative Extension.

Stephanie Schupska is the communications coordinator with the University of Georgia Honors College.

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