Published on 02/18/10

Evergreen groundcover a cheery garden edition

By Gary L. Wade

Sedums are among the most popular plants on the market today due to their drought, heat and pest tolerance. The Angelina Stonecrop variety stands above the rest.

The evergreen groundcover is known for its ability to thrive with minimal care. It prefers full sun to partial shade and does well in hardiness zones 3 to 11.

Angelina Stonecrop’s bright yellow summer flowers and seasonal progression of vividly colored foliage – which starts with chartreuse in spring, changes to bright golden-yellow in summer and turns orange-red in fall – also keep gardeners coming back for more. These characteristics helped earn Angelina Stonecrop a Georgia Gold Medal award in 2010.

Growing just 6 inches tall and spreading 2 to 3 feet, Angelina Stonecrop is a tough, vigorous groundcover that does well in the front of dry, sunny landscape beds. It looks particularly nice in rock gardens or along the edges of containers where it can spill over the sides. Its colorful foliage combines well with plants that have dark contrasting foliage, like purple passion, ajuga, black mondograss or purple fountain grass.

Clusters of tiny bright yellow flowers add pizzazz to the already dazzling foliar display. From June to July the flowers sit on short stems above the foliage. The flowers are a nectar source for hoverflies, whose larvae feed on aphids.

Angelina Stonecrop is easy to propagate from summer stem cuttings or by dividing the plants in the spring. Individual leaflets will root when broadcast over a flat of well-drained growing media and then covered lightly to assure good soil contact.

The plant is patented, so it can only be propagated commercially by licensed growers.

Gary Wade is a Cooperative Extension horticulturist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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