Published on 01/13/97

World Welcomes Georgia 4-H Travelers

Virtual reality has its appeal. But nothing takes the place of being there. Just ask those who dreamed of the Olympics and finally came to Atlanta last summer. Doing beats dreaming any day.

That's why Georgia 4-H'ers who dream about world travel need to do something about their dreams. And they better do it fast.

"For high school and college age 4-H'ers, applications are due now for 4-H international exchanges this summer," says Greg Price. He directs these programs through the University of Georgia Extension Service.

"International programs have always been a strong part of Georgia 4-H," he says. "An international experience is an educational opportunity that's equal to none. That's true whether you're the traveler or the host family."

International 4-H programs offer exchanges from six weeks to six months. You can travel to almost 30 countries. The list includes Australia, Botswana, Estonia and Latvia, India, Jamaica, Japan, Paraguay, Switzerland and Ukraine.

"These programs help you learn about life," Price says. "An international experience can be extremely valuable for an international career. It helps you develop abilities, including language skills. You can increase your knowledge and global awareness. And you can pursue your own study goals and career training."

Youths can apply to travel or to host an international visitor next summer through the county extension office.

College-age 4-H'ers may apply for the three- to six-month IFYE Representative program. The six-week IFYE Ambassador program or the month-long LABO program to Japan are for high school 4-H'ers. But there's no time to delay. All applications are due now.

Families who would like to host a young international guest for a week or more should contact their county agent. They have until March 15 to apply.