Published on 02/28/08

Ice cream supports national 4-H program

University of Georgia

If you love cupcakes, ice cream and 4-H, you’ll want to try Blue Bell’s latest creation, Centennial Cupcake. While satisfying your sweet tooth, you’ll be supporting the national 4-H program.

Blue Bell Creameries created Centennial Cupcake to honor 4-H’s 100 years of youth development programming. The treat includes cake batter ice cream, pieces of yellow cake, a chocolate icing swirl and four-leaf clover sprinkles.

Centennial Cupcake is available in stores where Blue Bell products are sold. Look for the 4-H four-leaf clover and children in 4-H T-shirts on the label. A portion of the sales will go to 4-H to promote educational programs.

"This is an exciting opportunity for Georgia communities to support 4-H and enjoy a great ice cream," said Bo Ryles, Georgia 4-H state leader.

Sharon Omahen is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.