Published on 11/19/01

Santa's Stocking Up on Gardening Gifts

So you don't believe in the Jolly Fat Man. You'd better, because he's got all of the gardening gifts you've been wanting.

Santa has the best working conditions up toward the North Pole to test the many gardening tools. Remember, northerners can garden almost 24 hours a day in their long summers and really put tools through their paces.

He's bound to have quality tools that will last. I bet he has one of those really fine English gardening forks. He even designed a smaller version for Mrs. Claus to use.

Origin of Children's Tools

You know the small gardening tools we call children's tools were originally made for the elves. After all, they do help Santa in the garden.

I really don't know what vegetables Santa grows, but I feel sure he can arrange to get you the ones you want. Maybe he knows someone who has the long-sought heirloom tomato seeds you've been seeking.

In the long, dark winters at the North Pole, Santa surely has many gardening books. Those beautiful garden photos must look good after a snowy day of making toys.

Comfortable Gardening

Santa is getting up in age and surely knows about comfortable gardening. He can bring you one of those garden scooters you can roll around on if you have problems sitting on the ground. I understand Mrs. Claus designed the scooter because she got tired of hearing Santa complain of aches and pains.

And what about that load of compost or manure you've wanted for the past several years. Santa can surely bring these. What do you think he does with all of that reindeer manure?

So watch out. Don't cry (or whine). And please don't pout. Santa is coming to bring you your garden toys.

Wayne McLaurin is a professor emeritus of horticulture with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.