Published on 05/14/01

Rooting Summer Dahlias on 'Gardening'

Dahlias are a popular summer flower. On the next "Gardening in Georgia," host Walter Reeves shows how you can get many more dahlias for your money by rooting cuttings from a dahlia plant early in the summer.

Reeves also explains the importance of keeping your mower blade sharp. And he shows an easy way to examine and replace your blade.

Georgia appears to be headed for another hot, dry summer. How much water do you use on your landscape plants? Reeves shows how to do a water audit with a watch and a 5-gallon bucket.

UGA CAES File Photo

Walter Reeves

Worms in the Kitchen!

On this week's show, three guests provide some interesting information:

  • Kerry Smith of Callaway Gardens shows Reeves how to make a worm bin that fits under your kitchen sink! The worms eat up your kitchen scraps.
  • Wayne McLaurin of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences discusses the best varieties of squash to plant in Georgia gardens.
  • And Jim Midcap of the UGA CAES shows the new sun-loving coleus varieties that were Georgia Gold Medal winners in 2000.
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Dan Rahn is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.