Tips for increased health

By for CAES News

By Stephanie Schupska
University of Georgia

Obesity isn't only related to food consumption and portion control. Exercise is important, too, said Judith Stern, a University of California-Davis professor of nutrition and internal medicine.

"I'm a nutritionist, but if you could make me queen for a day in California, the first thing I'd do is extend the school day to 5 p.m.," Stern said. "We'd do physical activity for the extra time, and then I'd set aside 20 minutes for nutrition. ... I don't think kids play as much as they should."

Stern gives these tips for improving health:

1. Get the family involved in exercise. If a family is active, a child is more likely to be active.

2. Make exercise fun. If parents and children don't enjoy physical activity, they won't do it.

3. Choose the apple slices (or fruit) and milk when ordering a kid's meal. And buy the kid's meal, even if you're an adult.

4. Learn portion sizes.

5. Take responsibility for your health and your nutrition.

Stephanie Schupska is a news editor with the University of Georgia Public Affairs Office.