Portrait of Dave Hoisington

Dave Hoisington

Area(s) of Expertise: Agronomics, Peanuts


10/08/20 - KNUST student researches farmer beliefs, actual quality of groundnut seed 10/08/20 - Peanut breeders release three new varieties in Malawi 08/04/20 - Students, alumni of Peanut Innovation Lab present research 07/08/20 - Lab survey’s partners on priorities in Malawi 07/08/20 - Participants give approval to meeting online 06/06/20 - Handheld sensors put plant breeding on fast track 03/27/20 - Scientists dive into gender considerations for research 03/03/20 - School snack could help students in Africa, create more demand for peanuts 12/19/19 - Farmers will use improved post-harvest technology … if it’s free 11/06/19 - Wild shrub could help peanut farmers in Senegal 11/06/19 - Peanut Innovation Lab starts new work in Senegal 10/07/19 - Innovation lab welcomes international partners to annual Georgia Peanut Tour 10/07/19 - Peanut Risk Tool helps farmers in U.S. and around the world 08/07/19 - Peanut Innovation Lab holds meeting to launch Ghana projects 08/07/19 - African peanut breeders explore diversity in genes of local varieties 08/07/19 - Ghana groundnut group forms to share knowledge, focus 07/16/19 - Peanut IL shows researchers impact on ‘Peanuts Around the World’ 07/03/19 - Peanut innovation projects under way in Uganda 07/03/19 - Breeding powerful traits into peanut varieties 04/01/19 - USAID peanut school-snack program leaves impact in Guyana 04/01/19 - Peanut Innovation Lab works to diversify crops in Malawi 11/08/18 - Software helps African plant breeders shape peanut varieties 09/28/18 - Peanut IL considers nutrition, gender projects 09/28/18 - Peanut lab adds gender specialist 06/29/18 - Peanut Innovation Lab seeks proposals for research projects on nutrition and gender & youth 06/29/18 - Peanut breeders gather in Uganda to kick off Innovation Lab projects 05/18/18 - Panel reviews first round of project proposals 03/15/18 - RFPs issued to work with Peanut Lab 03/15/18 - Washington D.C. event to celebrate global food security, UGA 06/01/15 - UGA faculty traveling to Haiti with Feed the Future Peanut and Mycotoxin Innovation Lab 03/12/15 - International crop breeders visit University of Georgia for bioinformatics training 08/22/14 - Scientists from across the globe work to stop the spread of toxins in peanuts 07/10/14 - UGA innovation lab participates in Clinton Foundation's launch of Haiti peanut depot