Just a Few Butterfly Forages and Attractors

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Butterfly Photo Gallery
Butterfly Forage Attractor
Great Purple Hairstreak Mistletoe (Fruit) Asclepias
Gray Hairstreak (Common) Hibiscus, Beans, Clover, Oak Hibiscus, Asclepias
Silver Spotted Skipper Robinia (Locust) legumes Lantana, Milkweed, Zinnia
Fiery Skipper Crabgrass Lantana, Echinacea
Monarch Milkweed Asclepias, Buddleia, Zinnia
Viceroy Willow, Apple, Plums Echinacea, Zinnias
Morning Cloak Willow, Elm, Hackberry (Fruit) Zinnias
Cabbage Butterfly (White) Crucifers, Nasturtiums Verbena, Tithonia
Gulf Frittilary Passiflora Lantana, Buddleia
Spring (blue) Azure Dogwood, Viburnum Clover, Tradescantia
(American) Painted Lady Anaphalis Echinacea, Buddleia
Ohio Buckeye Snapdragon, Plantain Coreopsis, Echinacea, Aster
Cloudless Sulfur Cassia, Clover, Apple Salvia, Verbena, Buddleia
Red Spotted Purple Willow, Cherry Apple, Buddleia
Questionmark Elm, Nettles, Hackberry (Fruit) (Sap)
Comma Elm, Nettles, Hops (Fruit) (Sap)
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