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Newly named University of Georgia turfgrass researcher David Jespersen was among the UGA experts who presented their research findings at the Turfgrass Research Field Day on Thursday, Aug. 4. Jespersen is shown sharing the results of a UGA research project that evaluated the drought tolerance of four turfgrass species. CAES News
Turfgrass Research Field Day set for Aug. 9 in Griffin, Georgia
The University of Georgia Turfgrass Research Field Day is set for Thursday, Aug. 9, on the UGA Griffin campus. The event will include updates on the latest research about the diseases, insects and weeds that affect Georgia turfgrasses.
Ideally, grass clippings should be recycled into the grass. If a large amount of clippings remain, bagging is the best option. CAES News
After weeks of rain, lawns can finally be mowed
After weeks of rainfall, lawns grew and now mowing may leave a significant volume of clippings behind. If there's too much to rake into the canopy, the clippings should be removed. 
Carpenter bee damage CAES News
Flying cordless drills have returned
Carpenter bees may be fun for growing boys, but homeowners fail to see the humor in them. They just want to get rid of them.
A food product entrepreneur serves up samples at a local grocery store. 
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is partnering with Fort Valley State University to host a small business workshop on June 19. CAES News
UGA Extension, Fort Valley State University to host small business workshop
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and Fort Valley State University (FVSU) will host the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Small Business Innovation Research Workshop on Tuesday, June 19, from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at FVSU in Fort Valley, Georgia.
Damage done on Southern pea by cowpea curculio. CAES News
Scout for insects in lima and snap beans and Southern peas
Georgia vegetable farmers should scout for insects in young lima beans and snap beans now.
Insect scouting is an important part of any vegetable management plan. CAES News
Insect scouting is an important part of any vegetable management plan
Whether you work on a large family farm, in a home vegetable garden, or in a small, community garden vegetable plot, routinely scouting for insects should be an important part of your vegetable-growing plan.
Watermelons sit in a truck after being harvested on the UGA Tifton campus. CAES News
Georgia watermelon farmers mindful of potential disease pressure following rainfall
Georgia watermelon producers are busy guarding their crops against potential disease pressure following last week’s rainfall.
Building a raised bed garden can be the perfect way to have a garden in limited space where the soil conditions are poor. But there are drawbacks to raised bed gardens, like the soil dries out quickly. CAES News
Changing seasons in a gardener's life
Gardens, like gardeners, age and change with time. Unfortunately, the gardener’s ability to perform maintenance and the garden’s demand for it often greatly diverge. Many of the gardeners I meet in my job as a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent face challenges keeping things up as they grow older. Many eventually move to a different residence so they have a smaller area to maintain and leave behind years of hard work and memories.
When eliminating fleas, you must treat both your pet and your pet's environment, including its house and bedding. CAES News
The best defense against fleas is a good offense
With the first few weeks of hot weather under Georgia’s belt for summer 2018, dog owners across the state may notice their canine companions starting to scratch a little more often. 

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