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Cantaloupes being grown at UGA-Tifton. CAES News
Cantaloupe project aimed at finding variety less susceptible to bacteria
University of Georgia scientists are assisting in a study to find a cantaloupe variety with less netting on the rind in the hopes that the fruit will be less susceptible to the bacteria or pathogens that settle in the netting on the outside of the fruit.
Bhabesh Dutta teaches Extension agents in the field. CAES News
UGA's Bhabesh Dutta recognized with 40 under 40 honor
Bhabesh Dutta, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable plant pathologist, has been named to the first class of Fruit + Vegetable 40 Under 40 Award winners.
Eating Insects Athens, held by the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture, will draw hundreds of insect agriculture and insect gastronomy advocates to Athens from Aug. 13 to 15. CAES News
Would you eat a bug?
Athens, Georgia’s growing reputation as a gastronomic capital attracts culinary tourists from all over the Southeast. This summer, the city will welcome a new type of culinary enthusiasm. They won’t be after barbecue or biscuits. They’ll be here for the bugs. 
Thunderstorms scattered across the state in June left some parts of Georgia with more than 7 inches more rain than normal, while other parts of the state saw below-normal rainfall. CAES News
Summer thunderstorms led to variable rainfall in June 2018
Fueled by warmer-than-normal temperatures, summer thunderstorms blanketed the state this June, producing heavy rain and flooding in some areas while leaving other areas dry.
Smart speakers can be amazing tools but parents need to be cautious
Kids say the darnedest things, and with the advent of smart speakers, what they say can have some unforeseen consequences.
Bedtimes can make a difference in children's mood and ability at school
Between after-school activities, homework and other obligations, kids have a lot of competition for the time they should devote to sleep. Many kids — and adults, for that matter — don’t get enough sleep. On average, high school students need between seven and 11 hours of sleep. For younger kids, even more time is needed: 12 hours for school-age kids, 13 hours for preschoolers and close to 14 hours for toddlers.
A student hangs her bookbag on a peg outside her classroom door. CAES News
Making the switch from summer brain back to school brain
New backpacks, jeans, and boxes of markers and crayons can help get kids ready to go back to school, but how should parents mentally prepare their children?
Convincing kids to try new vegetables is the most difficult aspect of getting them to adopt a healthier diet but there are a few tips that can make it easier. CAES News
Vegetables don't have to be scary
The beginning of the school year usually means the return of a more regular mealtime schedule for families. This makes it a great time to introduce or reinforce healthy eating habits. 
Live from the Lab CAES News
CAES scientists go live on Facebook this fall
This fall the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is opening the labs of some its most distinguished researchers to students and science fans across the state. 

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