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Stanley Culpepper looks for cotton plants among pigweed at a plot at the Ponder Farm in Tifton, Georgia. CAES News
Palmer amaranth management key for Georgia cotton farmers
Using postemergence herbicides to control problematic weeds has been recently successful for Georgia cotton farmers, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension weed specialist Stanley Culpepper.
Poison ivy grows up a tree in Jackson, Ga. CAES News
Identifying poison ivy isn't as easy as 'leaves of three'
Poison ivy is one of gardeners’ most dreaded landscape weeds, and it is growing and thriving now. If you have ever experienced the red, itchy, blistery rash that comes from being in contact with this weed, then you understand gardeners’ disdain for this plant. 
Kudzu bugs overwintering in bark. CAES News
Natural enemy suppresses kudzu bug population
A tiny wasp — known as “Paratelenomus saccharalis” — is cutting down kudzu bug populations and Georgia soybean farmers’ need to treat for the pest, according to Michael Toews, a University of Georgia entomologist based on the UGA Tifton campus.
More than 160,000 children nationwide miss school every day out of fear of being bullied, according to the National Education Association. CAES News
The signs of bullying are subtle but parents need to be aware
The website defines bullying as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” Bullying can include making threats, spreading rumors, physically or verbally attacking someone, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.
Whether you are planning a trip out of state or a short trip in Georgia, planning ahead will make for a less stressful vacation. Packing essentials like first aid items, sunscreen and medications will make health problems away from home less trying. CAES News
Plan ahead and pack the essentials for a safe, stress-free vacation
We are well into longer, hotter days and children are out of school and eagerly anticipating family vacation. Whether you attend a family reunion in a rural area or head to the big city, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers several tips to help you have a fun, safe vacation.
Three generations of the UGA Teaching Dairy Jersey herd — grandmother Hershel, granddaughter Mary Ethel and mother Brooks — dine together at the dairy. 
Mary Ethel, who was born in May 2018, was dubbed Mary Ethel Creswell in honor of the first female graduate of UGA. CAES News
UGA Jersey calf named for UGA's first female graduate and founder of UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences
First there was Herschel, then Brooks, and now there is Mary Ethel.
Two additional solar panels have been installed at the Future Farmstead this year as part of a project by Eagle Scout Bailey Veeder. The home is a water- and energy-efficient research home on the University of Georgia Tifton campus. CAES News
Eagle Scout project increases energy production at UGA net zero research home
This year, two additional solar panels were installed at the Future Farmstead, a water- and energy-efficient research home on the University of Georgia Tifton campus, as part of a project by Eagle Scout Bailey Veeder of Athens, Georgia.
Steaks on the grill. CAES News
Fourth of July cookouts are perfect for friends, families, festivities and food safety
Bacteria love warm environments as much as you enjoy the warm outdoors, and they can turn your perfect holiday weekend cookout into a health nightmare. Food safety is as important when grilling and serving food outdoors as it is in the kitchen because improperly handled food can make you sick.
Both species of skunks found in Georgia are quite beautiful, but they are often viewed negatively due to the pungent, musky odor they can emit. This odor lingers for days and can become nauseating for some people. They also dig up lawns in search of insects and grubworms and raid backyard poultry pens and eat eggs and birds; eat garden vegetables; and damage beehives. CAES News
Keep skunks away by controlling mice and rats
It's the time of year when females skunks give birth. The two skunk species found in Georgia are striped skunks (polecats) and eastern spotted skunks (civet cats).

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